Marty Weintraub will be speaking on Social Media at the Engage Conference, which will take place March 9, 2017 in Portland. For more information, or to purchase tickets, please click here.
Marty Weintraub - SEMpdx Engage 2017 Speaker

Marty and AimClear are offering Portland marketers their storied Social PPC & Psychographic Display Full-Day Intensive Workshop the day after Engage, March 10, 2017. Seats are limited. Register Now!

1) How can I best convince my boss that I need to take your seminar?

Many marketers — B2B and B2C alike — don’t generate near enough revenue from integrating paid and organic social, content, SEO, big data display and retargeting/remarketing investments. This workshop unabashedly opens Aimclear’s kimono, revealing award winning techniques and tactics behind the best large integrated agency in America (2016US Search Awards).

It’s actually unbelievably cool that we would offer this cointent, a unique opportunity to learn from my colleagues who are generally accepted as among the finest integrated marketers in the world. The training panel is comprised of AImclear’s Founder, CMO and Senior Creative Strategist. It’s a small workshop audience, allowing for an intimate exchange of knowledge.

If you’re an agency, this workshop is priceless because we’ll show the specifics of using integrated psychographics clients, from SMB to the largest, most iconic brands on earth.

If you’re a brand, use the information to build in-house and/or never allow any agency to bullshit you every again. You’ll learn, hands-on, the intellect and heart behind Aimclear’s work with clients like Uber, eBay, Airbnb, Dell, LInkedIn, Eurail, Firestone, 3M, InfusionSoft, Techtronix, Siemens and many others.

If you’re a PR shop or solo digital marketing practitioner or strategist, attend to finally and more fully understand the Tao of search, social, PR, paid, organic, influencer distribution, link/buzz building SEO SERPS prominence, brand building…you know… “Integrated” marketing. The influencer targeting data we’ll share for download is worth more than the cost of the ticket in itself. Before this workshop series, we charged clients more than 20K for access to this data.

2) Many social media professionals work in somewhat siloed environments. What can a conference attendee contribute to their digital marketing peers in other channels after taking your seminar?

Attend our workshop and you’ll learn to bridge gaps between performance marketing, paid and organic social media, PR, influencer distribution and SEO. Aimclear gets consulting jobs all over the world helping brands and agencies of all sizes, meld their departments and break down those walls. You’ll learn to smash silos, a newly inspired leader with a clear look at current and future realities.

3) I do remember when you were basically the only person talking about psychographic targeting and the like. How widespread is the adoption of your methodology and tactics in the industry?

According to LinkedIn Sales Navigator about 200 LI users add the word, “Psychographic” to their profiles each week. Aimclear is widely credited for bringing integrated psychographics (WHO the audience is, not just what they search for,) to the forefront of mainstream marketing. This is YOUR new job description or you’ll be replaced by a person or machine that understands. And yes, I was the first in our circles to speak about psychographics, dating all the way back to speaking at SearchFest and SES NY, 2008. That was right before we took Martha Stewart to FB ads :).

4) Please talk about some notable accomplishments that previous attendees have shared with you as a result of taking your seminar.

Multiple agencies and brands have gone on to win EU, UK and US Search Awards various case studies. We’ve seen numerous PR placements in publications from WSJ to Forbes. One solo marketer let us know he made over 3.5 million in revenue within 4 months of adopting our techniques. Brands, advertising and PR agencies have reworked their departments. About a dozen firms retooled their departmental division based on the realities.

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