In conjunction with the launch of his book “*Personality Not Included“, Rohit made the generous offer that he would do 50 5 question interviews with people who contacted him. I was one of the lucky 50 :.)

Rohit, what is the theme of your book?

The central theme of the book is that “personality matters.” It matters for what brands people talk about and the ones they love. And it matters for what brands manage to hold onto loyal employees who believe in their vision. The entire marketing campaign for this book is around this idea and it’s actually the name of the blog associated with the book that I will be launching this week.

What was the inspiration for the book?

The inspiration was essentially that personality was a trend that I was seeing happening in the market that was not being talked about. It is the perfect combination of social media, authenticity and word of mouth … and I thought it was a valuable and unique enough idea to focus on writing a book about.

What companies are most authentic?

It’s tough to single out one company or even just a few that are most authentic. I do share lots of examples in the book, though, and will be launching an index to all the companies mentioned in there shortly. In the meantime, a few that I would highlight are Innocent Drinks in the UK, Virgin America, and Trader Joe’s. All are featured in the book, along with more than 100 others.

What can a company that has lost their authenticity do to get it back?

A big part of the book is dedicated to answering this exact question, so it’s a tough one to answer quickly! The shortest answer I could give is that the first thing they need to get rid of is what I called in the book their “employee silencing policy” which essentially forbids all employees to talk publicly about what they do. This is missing a big opportunity.

If there is one thing you want your readers to be left with after reading your book, what is it?

It would be that personality matters and this book is the guide to helping your organization get it back.

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