A software, Internet and telecommunications industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience, Janet has held executive level marketing, sales and business development positions with a broad range of top technology companies including Apple, Enron, Now Software and Marqui. She was responsible for Marqui’s innovative “Paybloggers” campaign in 2005 that resulted in more than 200 pieces of press from Businessweek and Forbes to the San Jose Mercury News for the small software company. She is currently advising some of the top technology companies in the northwest including SnapNames, Chockstone, OpenMake Software and others on marketing in a Web 2.0 world.

Web 2.0 – WTF? Marketing. Marketers need to deal with losing control of messages – scary time. New world of brand challenges – customers are less brand loyal, especially younger audiences. Individuals are less trusting. Internet is only area where trust is rising. Word of mouth is much more important now. Access + awareness = fierce competition. Your word is your brand. With RSS, everything has come full circle. Writing well is extremely important – text you are giving must represent your brand as well. Marketing 2.0 – need to win in many areas. Older customers are afraid of this. Proper use of domains is very helpful in building relevant links (direct type-in traffic).

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