Idea for this post stolen, ripped-off, taken from, lifted, filched influenced and inspired by Jeremiah Owwang’s most popular Twitter Conversation post.

In addition to our widespread adoption of Facebook, many of the SEMpdx Board Members are now Twittering regularly. Follow us and we’ll follow you (leave your Twitter extension in the comments).

Todd Mintz:
Ben Lloyd:
Scott Fish:
Scott Orth:
Kent Schnepp:
Kent Lewis:
Scott Hendison:

And some of our upcoming speakers:
Vanessa Fox:
John Andrews:
Stoney DeGeyter:
Rand Fishkin: (who really needs to Twit more often)

I wasn’t an early adopter of Twitter and I didn’t get it for a while, but I definitely see it hitting critical mass and if you follow enough related and relevant folks, you can discern an entire backchannel conversation taking place on a whole host of topics that will offer you tremendous insight into our industry and its top participants.

Make sure you leave your Twitter URL in the comments…and we’ll follow you.

5 thoughts on “SEMpdx On Twitter

  1. Let’s suppose, as an exercise, I only had time to really get into one new “thing”. I mean really get my mind around it and carve time out to delve deep.

    Would it be:
    The SEMOZ world?
    Other (please identify)?

    OK picking on is too tough.

    Pick three, but prioritize 😉


  2. Tom,

    I think Linked-In is a given…it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to generate lots of connections that will be valuable to you later.

    Facebook and Twitter can be time traps…however, if you can keep your focus on business and not killing zombies and werewolves, you can get terrific value.

    SEOmoz…great content, a must for every feedreader.

    SEMpdx…the best local search marketing association on the planet:.)

    Stumbleupon…if I had to drop one, that would be it…the value proposition to you here is less solid than any of the others.

  3. TH hey missed you last night.

    Linkedin Build up strong profile and get good recomendations

    Facebook Don’t dilly dally but create and appoint someone to update often(create social N plan) for fan page

    Twitter Don’t respond to spam (time trap) manage multiple accounts through tweetdeck (much easier)

    Stumbleupon (Some have different views on this but for certain products and services Stumble can add value)especially in clients perception when needed 🙂 There will be value here at some point in future. At this point it’s like surfing a really fast wave.

    They all seem like time traps, this will change. There will be new time traps.

    follow me

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