Hans Sprecher: One Site, Many Sizes (Responsive Design)

Responsive Design is a design technique that allows websites to fit the device they are used on.

The design needs to have a fluid, flexible layout that fills the screen…wide range of device classes.

Technologies: CSS3, Media Queries; HTML; Javascript; Browser Compatability Design.

Flash: Do you really need I? Solutions: Put a .jpg behind the flash…also include content.

Positioning: Fixed position acts like absolute. Avoid fixing elements…or on devices smaller than 1025 px, change to static.

Need to figure out major breakpoints for design. Large layout changes: Change the number of the columns, collapse navigation items, remove content (carefully). Minor breakpoints: Size the window from large to small, keep a list of any awkward breaks, incrementally change these to look good.

John Andrews: Advice you are given on the Internet is given for a reason with an agenda.

An awesome presentation but entirely conceptual so I stopped blogging & just listened.

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