The SEMpdx Board of Directors works hard to create and maintain an organization that’s meaningful, dynamic, and meets the needs of its members. Over time, board members change positions on the board, as well as leave the board to pursue other opportunities.

As board members leave, it creates an excellent opportunity for SEMpdx members to join the board, bring new ideas, and help craft the future on our organization.

We currently have one opening on the SEMpdx Board of Directors:

  • The Sponsorships Director oversees obtaining new and recurring paid sponsors of SEMpdx’s newsletter, monthly events, networking events, and our annual Engage Conference.

Submit your application no later than midnight on Sunday, June 7.  Board positions are a TWO (2) year commitment, with the board year officially beginning July 1, 2020.

The approved applicant will be asked to spend the entire day with the board at our annual retreat on July 15th.  Attendance for this one meeting is mandatory for all board members, and at this writing, it’s still scheduled for the Mc Mennamins Kenedy School, but it’s likely going to be on Zoom.

Sponsorship Chair Job Description:

The Sponsorship Chairs primary responsibility is to secure sponsorships for SEMpdx. There are a variety of sponsorship option currently, including:

  • Various Engage Conference opportunities
    • At various points, SearchFest has had its own Sponsorship position
  • Regular Monthly Educational Events
  • Newsletter Sponsors
  • Rooftop Event Sponsors
  • Customized case-by-case sponsorships
    • E.g. Mailchimp as Official Email Marketing Partner

This position obtains pricing and bundles that will be offered as well as the value proposition to potential sponsors from the Engage Conference Chair (and/or works with information extant). 

Outreach to past and potential new sponsors for the annual Engage Conference Conference – send out information describing available SearchFest sponsorship opportunities & info on attendees past and projected. 

Follow-up with Sponsors post-conference, providing them with conference performance stats, speaker slide access, video access, survey results, and early bird opportunities for renewing sponsorship for the following year.

Responsible for negotiating with potential sponsors and getting signed sponsorship agreements and company logos. 

Responsible for coordinating with Treasurer after agreement is signed by requesting information from sponsor needed for Treasurer to create invoice (Note: Treasurer takes up tracking from there once Sponsor Chair has secured signed agreement & sent out request for invoice information, CCing Treasure on that email).

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