Logging into Facebook this morning I was greeted by the face of Todd Mintz, hawking Canadian club whisky to me in the form of a sponsored advertisement. If it were not for me noticing the word “sponsored” on the right I would’ve thought it was a personal message from Todd, and clicked it.

Just like the title of this blog post, blurring the line between a recommendation and blatant advertising is obviously going to continue to as a popular tactic, but in my opinion, it should only happen with the permission and knowledge of the person whose face and name is being used. – Sorry Todd, but I figured you’d let me slide here 😉

Also, what if the person decides they no longer want to promote that product? Can they opt out?

I mean, if Todd joined AA or the Mormon church, he may not want his face associated with that ad any longer, and in fact may find it offensive, right?

I guess the questions should be directed right to Todd, so I’m wondering…

1. Todd, do you know why your face is shown with Canadian Club ad?
2. Did you give your permission for this to happen?
3. Did you actively encourage it? – i.e. are you sharing in revenue for clicks?
4. Could you stop it if you want to?

And perhaps the most important question……
5. Do you really enjoy Canadian club better than either Jack Daniels or Wild Turkey?

2 thoughts on “Facebook Sponsored Recommendation by Todd Mintz

  1. 1) A Facebook Friend showed up in a similar ad, so I became a “fan” of CC (for the heck of it).
    2) Yes
    3) No rev share, though I expect a case of CC to show up at my house any day now :.)
    4) I assume so if I cease being a fan of CC.
    5) I prefer CC to Wild Turkey though JD trumps them both.

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