Shane Snow: 3 Techniques. 1) Borrow ammo from other industries. 2) Stock up on supplies (steal semantics from social media). 3) Make your PPC ads palatable. Stop stuffing keywords, try to use literary devices like rhyme and literation.

David Szetela: Ad Design for Contextual Advertising. Why content advertisers lose money: Ads appear on irrelevant pages and get bad clicks (low conversion rates). Ads don’t distract attention from site content. Search and content should never exist in the same campaign. Contextual is not search. Readers are not searching for your product/service. More like traditional banner or printer advertising. Site visitors are in research phase, not buying phase. Ad copy differences: Ads need to stand out; yell, don’t whisper; be more competitive (e.g. free shipping); test, test, test. Magic positions for search are 1-3; magic positions for content are 1-4; below 5, impressions drop dramatically. Quality score differences: Different from search – more weighted to CTR. Content campaigns with text ads and keyword targeted campaigns with non-text ads…CTR bid price and relevance of ad group’s theme to publisher page and the advertiser’s landing page. Placement non-text ads are entirely CTR and bid price. Argues for a “start high, go low” bidding strategy. Use AdWords Editor for non-text ads. Fast creation of image, flash and video ad groups. Tip: create a separate ad group for each ad type.

Craig Danuloff: What is search? Every search is a question. The results are possible answers. What is your text ad? Your ad is your hand raised to offer your answer. What makes a good answer? When it precisely responds to the question. Organizing campaigns for effective text-ad tests. Focused ad groups. Queries, not keywords. Does my answer match each question? Ad copy writing strategy: Wing it, answer questions, address personas, meet “angle of approach”, sell/sell/sell. Test purposely: Answer the question, promote benefits, establish credibility, establish price. Multivariate Text-Ad Testing:

Todd Mintz
Todd Mintz knows PPC...knows Social Media...knows SEO...knows Blogging...knows Domaining...and knows them all real well. He is also a Director & Founding Member of SEMpdx: Portland, Oregon's Search Engine Marketing Association. He is a Senior Account Manager for 3Q Digital and is also a Director & Founding Member of SEMpdx: Portland, Oregon's Search Engine Marketing Association, and he can be found here on Google+.
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