“Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee
It gets hotter than a hoochie coochie
We laid rubber on the georgie asphalt
We got a little crazy but we never got caught”… Alan Jackson, Chattahoochee

Another in a series of my “Kiss and Tell” Domaining posts…

My position at S.R. Clarke gives me the opportunity to read extensively in the areas of real estate and construction. Every story gets read with “domainer radar” on and occasionally, my reading has led me to purchase domains that I perceive to have future value.

Just the other day, I read the following press release that alluded to the new Georgia city of Chattahoochee Hill Country, which everyone is calling “Chatt Hills“. The creation of a city provides Domainers an excellent opportunity to snatch up prime domain names that offer excellent appreciation potential. So, I went over to DomainTools to see what was available…

…almost everything was available. These were the only .com domains that had been taken:

Chatthills (bought in 2003…now that’s vision!)

So basically, I’ve stumbled into near virgin territory and have the opportunity to help myself to almost anything that I want. Here’s what I chose:

Chatthillsrealestate.com: Clearly a realtor made most of the Chatt Hills purchases…but he left the best real estate name on my table…and I grabbed it. In this “virgin city” domaining situation, I think “real estate” is the strongest keyword that can be combined with the name of the city to produce a valuable domain property.

Chathills.com: Non-locals are going to misspell this name a lot. No reason why I can’t profit from it.

Chatthillsgeorgia.com: Clearly, this isn’t as valuable as chatthills.com, but it’s pretty darn good for second place.

And then I stopped. Why? I want to share the bounty with others…perhaps people who see domains as just a series of characters in a browser bar and have never viewed them as tangible appreciating assets.

Everyone reading this blog post has the opportunity to own a financial stake in the future of this new city …and the stake(s) that they own are only limited by their imagination. Each person who reads my story, buys a relevant domain name and leaves me a comment on this blog will get two links…one to their domain name and one “owner link” with the anchor text up to you (minor editorial considerations apply).

“Then came the churches then came the schools
Then came the lawyers then came the rules
Then came the trains and the trucks with their loads
And the dirty old track was the telegraph road”… Dire Straits, Telegraph Road

What part of the Chattahoochee Hill Country future do you wish to own? Let me know…and don’t forget to park your new domains (I recommend Namedrive).

Todd Mintz is the Director of Internet Marketing & Information Systems for S.R. Clarke Inc., a Real Estate Development and Residential / Commercial Construction Executive Search / Recruiting Firm headquartered in Fairfax , VA with offices nationwide. He is also a Director & Founding Member of SEMpdx: Portland , Oregon ‘s Search Engine Marketing Association.

Update: Shana Albert purchased chattahoocheehillsrealty.com and chattahoocheehillscountry.com.

Joomla SEO purchased two Chattahoochee Hill Country / Chattahoochee Hill Country domains.

6 thoughts on “The Chattahoochee Hill Country Domain Rush

  1. Todd, your recent domaining articles have reawakened my imagination. Late last night, while explaining the concept to my wife, I found some absolutely killer domain names that have to do with inventions yet to be perfected and released. Once they are, I have no doubt these domains will be worth a ton.

    The more I read about domaining, the more I realize I’ve been “doing it” for a very long time, just buying good domains that I believe have a future.

    However, unless I have a phrase that’s going to get a lot of type-in traffic, “parking” seems to be a waste of time for me.

    With the couple dozen domain names I parked a couple of months ago, the total income amounts to about six dollars 😉

    Rather than parking the domains, I’m going back to my old method of creating a one-page on-topic website (i.e. WordPress, or course), which can get spidered and begin to age gracefully, perhaps even regularly adding content in all my spare time.

  2. Steve…good picks…I tend to jump right from .com to .co.uk (if relevant…clearly not here). Of course, the guy who sold the .info of that Russian Olympic city for a ton of money is pretty inspiring.

    Scott…the choice to develop or park is one we all deal with…parking revenue for a “predictive” domain isn’t going to be much…but once the content goes up, it’s hard to predict whether the contextual ads will make you more money to justify the time spent.

    Looks like you got the spirit!!!

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