When you think about APP.com, what images come to mind?

Hot Steamy Nights Parking on the Jersey Shore?

Or, perhaps Hot Rock & Roll at the Stone Pony listening to Springsteen & Southside Johnny?

Are these pictures kindled in your head? Me neither.

When I think of App.com, I think of computer “apps”. I’m probably not alone in that thought. However, App.com is the website that hosts the local Asbury Park, New Jersey newspaper.

The Asbury Park Press is one of 83 Gannett Newspapers and the domain name was purchased back in 1994 when an “app” wasn’t nearly as important a term/phrase as it is now.

What would this domain be worth to a propsective purchaser? 2 Million? 5 Million? 10 Million? More?

However, App.com wouldn’t just be a domain sale, it would be a heck of a business opportunity for someone (in the same vein as Cowboys.com except many times better).

It appears that the domain name is owned by an arm of Gannett and a $10 million domain sale might cause them to yawn. But, what if under the right management, App.com could be developed into a $100 Million business in which Gannett could be a partner? A $500 Million business? A Multi-Billion Dollar business? Would they still not care?

Gannett already owns Asburyparkpress.com and they could rebrand that domain as the flagship domain of the newspaper. All the content on App.com can be 301’ed to Asburyparkpress.com and though it would be one heck of an ugly job, the transition is technically doable since other than the home page, the old website and new need not share any common page names.

Will Gannett ever realize the amazing business opportunity they possess with this domain name?

One thought on “Why Is APP.Com Being Wasted On The Asbury Park, New Jersey Newspaper?

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