November 13, 2012 – This month’s focus was on Google Authorship, likely the next big game changer in search.  Mike Arnesen, Senior SEO Analyst from SwellPath, provided an in-depth look at Authorship and how Google+ can improve your AuthorRank.

Mike began by sharing the three basic steps to setting up Google Authorship.  Once you’ve created your profile and told Google you’re an author, you can complete the circle with either an HTML link, a head link or email verification.  As you begin, be sure to test, use a high quality headshot and link 2 – 3 pieces of content.  Authored content will not only increase your organic CTR from 38 – 400%, but real estate and quality signals will also improve.

Authorship is proving to be a prerequisite to AuthorRank.  In preparation for the inevitable AR, make sure you have an area of expertise and put out great content.  Also focus on making friends with influential authors and engaging on relevant social media sites such as Quora.

In order to get the most out of AuthorRank, you need to play by Google’s rules.  This means using Google+.  Be sure to optimize your profile, sharing and interactions.  For example, add a headline, italicize descriptions and notify sparingly.  Also keep in mind that Google favors Open Graph images.  Finally, use ripples to follow up.  AJ Kohn’s Ripples Bookmarklet is a great resource.

Google is pushing authorship more and more each day and we’re seeing signs that they may be favoring authored content.  AR could be more disruptive than all Panda updates combined, so don’t delay in getting your company and clients set up with Authorship and Google+.

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