Heather Lloyd-Marting and Lisa WilliamsJanuary 10, 2017 – This month’s event focused on content roadmaps with OHSU’s Lisa Williams and SuccessWorksHeather Lloyd-Martin walking us through the full digital journey of a content asset.

Lisa shared several key decisions you need to make.  First, choose a methodology for creating your roadmap.  This includes understanding content maturity.  It’s also important to define your process for story creation and curation.  Do you have a repeatable process?  Other decisions include defining your resources for storytelling and the channels in which you’ll be sharing content.  Finally, define what you’ll measure.  Remember, good content is read.

Heather emphasized that companies need a sustainable content framework, and shared her tips on how to make it work.  Her first piece of advice?  Put success in your way by putting the proper tools in place before your content strategy.  This includes a customer persona document, preferred calls-to-action, SEO writing training, etc.  Another tip is to identify the one thing you can do to drive your business.  There’s no need to get caught up in the rules or distracted by new studies.  Your one thing will be different than your competitors’.  Heather also encouraged us to “look for easy”.  For example, re-optimize old posts for more SEO power and discover new opportunities.

Once again, it was a great jam-packed session as Lisa and Heather left us with several tools and tactical processes to take with us.

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