I would like to acknowledge the corporate management at Dollar Tree for the most amazing response to a customer complaint that I’ve ever seen.

Sunday, my wife shopped at a local Dollar Tree with my 9 year old daughter and 2 year old son. They were the victim of shockingly bad treatment on the part of a store manager…I don’t feel the need to tell what happened, but it was egregious.

I was very upset. I went to their website and fired off an objective but harsh email through the only form on the website (the Investors Relations page…you folks might want to consider a page especially for customer feedback). I then looked up a list of their top corporate execs, figured out their email addresses, and emailed my complaint to them as a group.

I did my “complaining” on Sunday afternoon. By the end of Sunday, I had a voicemail and email responses from one of their corporate executives back in Virginia as well as the regional manager for their Portland area stores.

On Monday, I received a phone call from the Portland regional manager who apologized for what happened and promised that corrective action will be taken. He made it clear that no stone would be left unturned in dealing with the problem and making sure that never happen again. He also told me that to express his forgiveness, he wanted to stop by my house (I work at home) with gift baskets compliments of the Dollar Tree. He made an appointment to do this today (he wanted to make sure to apologize in person and not just leave a basket by a door).

Today, he stopped by my house and talked to my wife (I never saw him since I was on a phone call at the time). He brought two gift baskets containing products found at the Dollar Tree (I know some might snicker at this, but the products and arrangement were quite nice). What made the gift even more thoughtful is that he chose products specifically targeted for my wife (food condiments), daughter (coloring books) and son (stuffed animals)…all of whom were in the store and were affected by the bad customer service.

It’s not the first time I’ve made complaints through corporate websites and usually, I’ve gotten an apology plus a gift card. Almost universally, I’ve found that corporations will respond appropriately if the complaint is justified and set out in a non-threatening, non-confrontational manner. However, Dollar Tree’s immediate and personal response to my issues was so outstanding, I feel compelled to acknowledge them publicly for it.

Great job people!

Please Note:
We are NOT Dollar Tree.

If you have a complaint, you should contact the Dollar Tree board directly.

108 thoughts on “Dollar Tree: Best Response To A Customer Complaint Ever

  1. Man I love to hear that some companies still take pride in how they treat their customers. I had a similar experience at a retail store with horrible customer service. Because the corporate office went above and beyond to apologize and make up for it I am now a very loyal customer to that chain.

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    1. I assure you, dollar tree does not care one bit about any issues from anyone be it a customer or an employee.. They only made him feel better with a few words..

      1. i so agree i used to go to the one in tacoma they are so under staffed they just want you in and out. And they never ever are friendly. I compain and all they ever do is sorry to hear that.

    2. I have a complaint re: harassment from the manager of the Dollar Tree Store actually where I work. This person must be on drugs..I can’t imagine anyone with a title if Manager..woulD act so unprofessional. Laura they call her..she’s a BULLIE! I can go on with lots of adjectives but they would boil down to the same; BULLIE..

      1. I concur, the so called assistant manager at my store told a customer to find another employee to help her, I don’t know where they find these people, management is so desperate to find people that they hire anyone.

    3. Hi my name is Richard I just want to say Todd mintz just reading your little article man made my day because I work here at Dollar Tree I’m assistant Manager I live in East LA and I work in by MacArthur Park I have real big issues with my manager and nobody has respond at all I contacted my district managers I just contacted human resources and I’m just told to write things down if it was the other way around a girl making a complaint about a guy they would be all over it but it’s a guy making a complaint about the female manager

      1. Dollar Tree treats the employees like shit. They don’t get over 16 hrs and when the assistant managers clock out for lunch and not be able to leave the store, if they are call to the front because the lines are long they must help. So if you want your job you shut your mouth and work . If you have a lot to get done knowing there is not enough help you work before you click in .

      2. I know exactly wat your saying, the store manager here in Cankton La. Shes a queen at manipulating men so she thinks and I’m trying to get a whole of her District manger she does not do her duties at all does not pit in her hours n the asst.manger has it all on her which is sad she works 14hrs n gets paid 8 shes good cuz that manager would definitely be removed n given d manager job to assistant
        I’m just so appuled at her doing n the head District manger dosent see tis
        Boiling in lousiana

        1. I’m sorry, there are way too many jobs these days, at least in my area for anyone to work 14 hours for the wages of 8. That is not legal whatsoever & frankly the employee shouldn’t be doing it. If she were to get hurt during the hours past her shift she is likely not going to be compensated through the company as she isn’t on the clock. Plus who works for free?

    4. The dollar tree in McComb, Mississippi is the worst dollar tree to go to. Cant bring the baskets out the store. Horrible cashiers. Terrible parking area. Unopened boxes everywhere. Restroom is always filthy. Etc. !!!!!

  2. I read this post twice because it gives me hope that somewhere, companies have connected the web and real world and realize that sometimes, just sometimes, the people they help might be marketing mavens.

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  3. I love hearing things like this, especially since I am getting ready to send a similar letter to the higher powers of the food chain Chipotle. As a society we have reached a point where money matters and people don’t. So when companies actually show some compassion for an upset customer it makes all the difference in the world.

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  4. I read this post twice because it gives me hope that somewhere, companies have connected the web and real world and realize that sometimes, just sometimes, the people they help might be marketing mavens.

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  5. I read your article regarding your response from Dollar Tree executives and was thoroughly impressed. I have been searching their website to register a complaint myself, but have been unable to locate an email address for any of the executives. Can you help me out with an email address? Thanks.

    1. Hi this is Gayla Smith I am a dollar tree customer I fell at one of your stores here in Lubbock tx I was talking to someone in your claims dept who offered me settlement and I refused it this is what happened I was at the store shopping went to a area to see what was sold in that area all of a sudden I fell a employee came to help me up got me a basket helped me put my things in the basket when I fell I hurt my back I was told there was no video in this area and the employee that helped me up went to the area I fell at and got a piece of card board off the floor and this is what caused uyou to fall or this is what might have caused the fall she said when she picked up the card board I have no witnesses and now the claims department said their was no footage my question is what is the pay out due to your policy and procedures having a customer fall at no fault of their own

  6. Dollar Tree, I am going to make it a point to shop there more often and recommend to my friends. This is exactly what I look for in a company.

  7. I sent emails to the executives of Dollar Tree on Tuesday, 10/28/08, regarding a complaint that I had. I have received 3 responses, one from the local Training Manager, one from the District Manager, and one from the Manager of Consumer Relations. All have been very positive and lead me to believe that my complaint will definitely be handled as it should. The District Manager went to the Manager of the location where I had a complaint, and spoke with her in person. This is the type of customer service that I wish they were able to pass on to their store Managers and employees. After receiving these responses, I will definitely continue shopping there.

  8. Funny, I was just searching for an e-mail address for Dollar Tree so that I can send in a complaint about an over zealous Assistant Manager who treated by 3 grand children, ages 12, 12, and 9, and I will say, well behaved. She treated them as though they were running around upsetting the store, which is not the case. Do you have an e-mail address for dollar tree so that I can have them address this issue. I am the owner of a store and I know when children are unruly and deserving, but these three kids did not deserve what she did.
    Rosalie gonzalez

  9. This is a great example of customer service judo, turning a botched up situation into a great customer experience.

    It’s great to hear about companies like this with all the companies that feel like they’re entitled to your business.

    It looks like they’re going the extra mile. A lot of companies have executive support teams that help their execs handle complaints that get escalated to their level. The only ones I’ve interacted with are the ones at Dell and Comcast.

    Dell got it right. The folks at Comcast… well… it was a bad sign when they sent me an empty email with poorly typed Word attachment that looked like a phishing scam. Turns out it was the text of the email.

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  10. Todd,

    I had a major problem with Gateway a few years back and I too got an amazingly stellar response after hunting down the contact info for Board members, and finding in their annual report a phone number for corporate HQ. I called that number and by threatening to set up a 1st page Google complaint web site and personally call each Board member directly, was put through to their “Presidential Complaint Unit” where the EVP of that unit personally became my advocate and that’s how I got the “stellar” response and result.

    But Todd, our experience only shows that what Gateway did for me and Dollar Tree did for you is only because we had the willingness/forethought to go so far into the back office channel.

    Neither of us however, would have been given any outstanding resolution through what should be reasonable means (telephone customer complaint service / web site complaint forms).

    Corporate America is still fubar.
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  11. We were at the Dollar Tree, on the 9/19/10 on a Sunday afternoon @ 15:16 at 2675 Fairfield Commons, Beavercreek, Oh 45431. I don’t know what happened they only had one lane opened and it was wild. Customers were getting very upset, I think you need to fix it on the weekends.

    1. Was in dollar tree in floresville tx heard one of the managers being hateful to one of the emploees I think the store needs to do something about it.

      1. Corporate only allows so many hours.. They don’t care about the customers or the employees.. They only care about their homes and vacactions

  12. I went into my local Dollar Tree to pick up a few items. Upon entering the store there was an employee on her knees straightening merchandise on the shelf while talking on her cell phone. She never spoke a word to me. Then after I got what I needed and made my way to the registers, there was one cashier opened who was also speaking on her cell phone and never spoke a word to me. I’m the paying customer and couldn’t get a simple “Hello”.


  14. As a cashier at a Dollar Tree, i know its annoying when customers are in line for a long time with only one register open. Unfortunatly, dollar tree is very tight with the hours they will give for employees. they always have the minimum amount of employees on the clock, we the cashiers try to get the lines down as fast as we can, sometimes there is not another cashier on duty.its not the managers fault either, whoever is above their heads, is the one who decides how many hours can be given to each store.

  15. I work at a Dollar Tree people are quick to complain though they are the cause of the problems the most of the time. They come in the stores and trash the place let there kids run a muck and get upset that the employees complain.I would love to see what the heck there houses look like…pig pens i bet!! Is it so hard to put something back where you found it if you don’t wish to purchase it??? Oh no just toss it where ever. No wonder the employees get angry because they have to clean up after the unruly adults who have really nothing to complain about except them selves. Get a life people!!!

    1. Not to condone unruly kids or messy adults but the company is “PAYING YOU” to do a job. Do your job and be glad you have one. If it weren’t for messy customers you wouldn’t have a job. You have to take the good with the bad and if this job is not a good fit for you then go to another profession. Hard work comes with the territory and everyone should take pride in their job regardless of type, pay etc…….

      1. Our job is not to clean up after you! It’s not your right to go into a store and throw items all over, leave frozen food items out to thaw and have them be damaged out and thrown away, to let your kids open and break toys and eat food that you don’t pay for! I can’t believe people who are so heartless to say ” suck it up and be happy to take our shit because you’re being paid.” You should be ashamed every time you go someplace and make someone’s job harder than it needs to be. If someone treated you like that at your job, you wouldn’t like it. Live a day in my shoes and see what it’s like.

        1. U R SO RIGHT AND THOSE people who r saying its ur job and u should just do it and if not change profession well those r the degenerates that r tearing shit up and letting their kids do what they please no mannered little bastards, and as for u fucks who replied um ballard and ali u need to get a job and stop taking shit so personally if u feel that way u do MUST BE A REASON, and maybe just maybe u stop to see the shit u do or other people do to our stores and see that we are working hard right behind u cleaning, then maybe u might be a lil less critical………

    2. You get paid to straighten up that mess. Regardless of how much you get paid or the type of work you do, you should take pride in your job and stop complaining. Without customers you wouldn’t have a job. Be glad and thank God that you have a job

      1. I’m glad you folks get responses the day of your complaint, because it took over a month for the payroll department to answer simple questions for me as an employee. When I got that response it was accompanied by an attempt to intimidate me into not complaining about how ridiculous it is as an employee to be in the dark about my pay for a month.

        Also, before you berate the folks on here complaining about their jobs at Dollar Tree you should probably recall that you most likely complain about your job all the time. If you’ve worked in relatively high volume retail, you know that most people are normal and civil customers but you inevitably end up dealing with people who act in a manner no one gets paid enough to deal with on a daily basis.

      2. Do you even hear yourself? “You get paid to straighten up that mess. Regardless of how much you get paid or the type of work you do….”
        What do YOU do for a living? You must not get the grief that people in retail get, or you wouldn’t be so out of touch. I can’t believe how insensitive you are. It must be nice to look down on us slaves made just to clean up after you, because we get paid SO WELL to do it.

    3. jean,
      I love ur comment I am also a cashier promoted assistant manager now I just wanted to say u hit it on the nats ass!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW soooooooo true ever word u said, I really wish people wouldn’t be suck pigs and the sad part is its not so much the children cause if u look at toys and around the store not to many toy go backs its the grown ass adults who expect u to cater to them by cleaning up their mess watch their children cause god knows they don’t and then smile at them and be polite knowing they just ate half that candy bar drank that water and threw the wrapper behind some shampoo, then as they walk to the front calling their kid who has ice cream in their hand tells them no and sets it down like nothing instead of giving it to us or putting it back. I hate dollar tree clientele they r the worse people have some respect just cause its a dollar doesn’t mean u have to act like cavemen, I love my job but the people r killing it. I could go on and on and that’s just a quarter of my disappointment the rest is with the team work among ourselves NONE, WELL EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT DAY AND BE NICE TO UR LOCAL DOLLAR TREE……………

  16. Too bad the Dollar Tree in Crafton, PA doesn’t care and the store manager there is very abrasive, harsh, confrontational, and outright rude, not to mention a complete asshole to any and all guests, especially those who need assistance.

  17. I went into one of your locations in Baton Rouge, La. Store #2111. I went there about 1 week ago on a week day @ 9:30 and the doors were locked. So I just left and went somewhere else. Well tonight I went there and once again the doors were locked, but D’lorian let’s in and it was 9:50. Well as I entered I heard she better know what she wants. Too much availe, I did. When I heard this this was very disturbing. I felt very unwanted and really wanted to take my business elsewhere. I went ahead and purchases what I wanted. When I got to the checkout I asked who was the young lady that said that and I was told it was the mgr on duty and her name was Vanessa. I have visited this location several times and she is always rude and very unprofessional. I have always let it go, but this was too much! I have let it go in the past, but I will not shop where I am not wanted. I am 100% sure I will never shop @ Dollar Tree again. I know you as well as she(Vanessa) can probably care less, but it will bring me great pleasure to post this on every message board or social media about not one but several I counters @ your store. I will gladly spend my money elsewhere!!

  18. Our district manger goes and buys lunch for one of the cashiers while she is on the clock.Thats not fair because the other woman on the register ask for something and he told her to go get her own.store 783

  19. Today 2-11-14 I went into the store # 3296 located in Wasco CA. We was asking if we could design our own bouquet of balloons and the store manager Raul and sales associate Sonia was very disrespectful and rude to me and my daughter I love shopping there but won’t unless something is done. She was giving us an attitude told us to shop somewhere else and I told him his cashier was rude he said oh well it’s perfectly fine if she.like that with you. That’s not good customer service and I’m mot satisfied with this.

  20. Is it possible to get an email adress for dollar tree so I can send in a complaint about managment how rude they are to customers and vendors it’s terrible
    Thank you
    From Virginia Beach Va

    1. dollar tree on fairview and wilson in costa mesa ca. am homeless. always buy something to get in the bathroom all of a sudden one day was told after buying something that my boy friend and I are not allowed to come in any more to the store . didnt do anything to deserve losing the privlege of buying food etc. and being able to use the restroom. asst. manager should be fired and the manager because they are both rude to people and act like they are better than everyone else. going to put in a formal complaint to dollar tree headquaters and seeif they will help.

  21. I am sorry to tell you that dollar tree is not as good as they used to be. The customer help line put you on hold forever. They will take your order and money. when you have a problem, there is no help. One of the local store is very verbal abusive. Dollar tree help line give run around and run around. there is no place to report it. I was on the phone for an hour and finally give up.

  22. Was in your dollar tree store today on meadow avenue Scranton I was going to purchase 6 little solar flower a bee and a lady bug. a set for me and a set for my daughter who lives out of town. Getting to your check out I could only purchase 3 which was not there when I picked them up at the checkout someone changed the sign while I was shoping I told the girl I would take half of our order my husband the other half she said no because she knew we were together. what kind of a store do you have she said they are selling them at flea markets. I don’t know what she is talking about. My daughter loves to see those things move and has them all over her desk.

  23. The complaint I sent them: I want to file a complaint at The dollar tree store at 12160 Hesperia Rd
    Victorville, CA phone number
    (760) 245-4002. I worked there for only 3 weeks and was fired unjustly. I was hired by manager Jesus, I was only trained for 1 hour under another cashier not even a manager, after one hour they left me by myself as the only cashier in the front. The managers Susan and Monique both took money out my drawer and never returned with it causing my drawer to be short and caused me to get fired. All the other managers and cashiers just walk around and gossip with each other while they are on the clock no one was even working except for me. This store needs to be investigated, money was missing out of the drawer all the time. When the store phone rings no one answers it and every time I called for back up either no one comes or it takes 20 min. to get to the front. I don’t want to have to file a lawsuit against this store but I want something to be done. The managers are horrible and very unprofessional I don’t think training someone in 1 hour is right and they expect you to be perfect and complain about everything if you call them. There were times I worked and didn’t even get a lunch. they would change my schedule all the time they changed my hours 3 times in one day. They ask me to stay late and call me in on my off days. They didn’t show me how to use the cash register properly and if something went wrong they expected me to figure it out. If there was something new that they changed instead of a manger telling me one of the cashiers would ask me did they show you the new changes..and of course id say no because they never told me anything. I would like something to be done and someone to contact me abut this matter asap. Thank you.

  24. I was at the Hopkinsville dollar tree shopping a few weeks ago and the manger there is so rude and unprofessional. She curse and yell at the customer’s and employees and. I can’t understand how she was able to get her position. The girl that checked me out needed help with another cashier. She said her manger and her was working and she didn’t know where shewas in the store. It was a long line I was third in line. Mind you it was like 8 more behind me. When she finally came she seemed upset that she had to come do her job and checked out only one person. A customer asked about a product she got loud with the customer. The other cashier needed changed the woman went outside to get baskets gave the girl the change. Went back outside and smoked right outside the door where customers come in and out. The cashier said she is always rude to the customers and employees. But I read on a sign in the store their drug free. Not from what I saw the woman was smoking something other then a cigarette. I said that was the last time the dollar tree in hopkinsville ky get my money longs that manger is the manger.

  25. Sadly, I have had a bad experience with Dollar Tree. I wanted bins/containers for my classroom library. Since I have a very limited amount of money for school supplies, I try to shop carefully. I found bins on Dollar Tree online, but the least amount I could order was 36. Online the bins were quoted as measuring over 10″ by over 8″. They neglected to state that the bins were 7 1/2″ by 5 1/2″ at the bottom. Because of the bottom measurement, many of the classroom books will not fit. DT will not refund the purchase nor will they exchange the bins for larger ones. Buyer Beware:
    If you buy a large quantity from DT and are unhappy with your purchase, you may be stuck with it!

  26. I work at the Dollar Tree on Beechmont in Cincinnati, oh I have an complaint. My boss Erica has been on vacation for the last week and it was great when she was gone every body got along and we got a lot of stock out and are truck went smoothly. Well she has been back since Monday and every body is bad the fighting once again she has made Dollar Tree on Beechmont an bad work environment if I didn’t have my kids then I would quite. Me and one other puts most of the stock out during the weekend and during the week we don’t work to Thursday and that’s truck day and it’s very bad that day all the bad language using towards us and me and the other stock person is the only one who takes garbage out. We work harder than we get paid and that’s not right please look into The dollar Tree store on Beechmont. Thank you

  27. The Vineland store Lincoln and Dante is always having problems with registers and the store is closed for days i love to shop there and the employees are so friendly and helpful but i cant to continue to go and find closed—- registers are down so please fix the problem or i will have to go else where

  28. I am very disappointed with the Dollar Tree located on Brewerton Road in Cicero, NY. I hear managers bad mouthing every other manager including associates. Nobody does their job right apparently. One manager, Beth is on her cell phone every time I walk into that store. The counter where she rings customers out… there is food and beverages all over her register. I over heard her and another associate (her name tag said Tammy.) They were talking very explicit about their “sex” life right in the middle of the store. There is so much more and it turns my stomach on how unprofessional this company can really be. I have always been a regular customer at this location. I have had enough. There is always something disturbing going on in that store every time I go in there. Since when are employees aloud to play a hand held radio when doing stock in the middle of the store? Yelling at other associates right in front of customers! Who do you think you are? And what is up with the girl that doesn’t have to dress like everyone else in the store? I didn’t even know she worked their for the longest time. I guess you can do whatever you like at the Dollar Tree? I will no longer shop at this store. Very disturbing!!! I have had enough. If you have to answer my questions while talking on your personal cell, I don’t need your help.

  29. 331 N Capitol Ave
    San Jose, CA 95133
    Alum Rock/East Foothills
    My review on Yelp

    Last Saturday(5/20) around 3pm I asked my wife to get something from the Dollar Tree store. When she got back, she said: “Please don’t ever ask me to go to that Dollar Tree store. The store manager – she just drove me crazy.” I asked her: what’s up? She stated: ” I got a little upset with a cashier because she didn’t give me a clear instructions – just letting me wait for her like a fool. An employee standing at the front door gave me a big smile and some sweet words. She immediately made me feel much better. After I walked out, I thought I should’ve asked her name. I would write a nice review about her. So I went back to the store. She smiled and told me her name was Anita. A young lady saw we’re talking and said loudly with arrogance: I’m the manger. If anything you can talk to me. She announced very unfriendly: If you want to complain, go to the corporation. Do you want to know my name? What a stupid, crazy women! Anita already solved the problem by the most pleasing smile. what was she doing? just to show off she got the power? What’s the purpose for her to talk to me like that – I did’t get it.” After listening to my wife, I told her: I still want you to go to that Dollar Tree store because of Anita. Thank you so much, Anita, for giving my wife the big smiles! You’re such an asset for the Dollar Tree! The one star is for the manager( so bad, no zero star to choose). Anita, absolutely 5 stars( so bad, no 10 stars to choose).

  30. I was recently at the Tomah Wisconsin Dollar Tree your assistant manager was rude throwing boxes off a check out lane so she could check out customers. I ask her to check out because the store was so busy people were dropping there items right in the check out line and leaving and people were backed up down an isle. when I compainted she got more hostile Her name is Dani. But your other manage is just as rude or worse. And another issue please get rid of the bell to get service to check out this is an awful store to go into it would be nice if we had pleasant enviroment and no bell…….

  31. re Store # 4238 – realy love Dollar Tree for shopping/ However, this store really needs a
    larger bldg. Aisles are crowded with boxes to be opened-some aisles are not passable.
    Shelves are have never been washed are so dirty – not aqppealing to see. F loor covering is torn and extremely dirty. never been cleaned. i spoke to another customer about the
    crowded aisles and she told me she had contacted the Fire Dept about the situation.don’t
    know the results -of the complaint. although the store is in my neighbhood i will probably
    have to find one in another area. i cannot believe a store could continure to operate in this condition. really a great big turn off. merchandise laying on floor. A big mess
    store is located at 2145 W. Patapsco ave balto md 21230

  32. pant got bleached at store 0221 in durham north carolina on oct.31 2015 as a matter or fact your store manager saw this . 919-908-1412 please contact

  33. I need help to contact the corporate office of dollar tree. The dollar tree store in Miami lost my order because the storage room was unorganized. The staff went treasure hunting looking for my order. They never call and or email me that my order was ready to pick me up in the first place. I was going back and forth because I need the teddy bears for donation to the poverty stricken children in the Philippines. I told them I cannot have different teddy bear and or stuff animal so it would be fair to the 50 children. And the store manager had the audacity to give me the wrong number to corporate. Please help me.

  34. On November 25, 2015, I entered the store NUMBER 2876 in Bradenton, Florida at about 905am EST with a friend to go shopping. When we go to the cereal aisle for we noticed that there were no Captain Crunch on the aisle. I asked my friend to ask an associate if there were any more because the store was restocking shelves. Within in 3 minutes the manager Ron Jefferson appears and I ask if there were any more Captain Crunch and immediately he snapped and said,” With all the damn cereal on the aisle you asking me about some damn Captain Crunch.” At this point I was in shock and told him it was not for me but for my friend. Ron Jefferson said, “I don’t care.” I asked him not to talk to me in that manner , I was a customer. I turned and said something to one of the store associates and no more than a minute later he goes on a 5 minute ramp. He uses profanity in front of all the customers as if I had committed a crime and then proceeded to kick me out of the store. Shouting very loudly. I proceeded to leave out of the store because I was totally in shock of his actions and did not want any further conflict. About 5 minutes later I went back into the store to get get my friend who was at the cashier to hurry up. He comes to the front of the store yelling at me to get out of his damn store and proceed to say that “I was just nasty.”
    I have 14 years of experience in compliance and I am 45 years old. I have never had anyone degrade me in public in such a manner that I feel threatened for my life. I called human resources and was directed to the complaint department. I talked with associate and I have a claim number. I will be filing a police report on store manager Ron Jefferson for verbally assaulting and abusing me and my character. No one in the store knew me but the fact is Ron Jefferson made me look like a criminal or as if I had stolen something and I had not. I have decided to seek legal counsel against Family Dollar( Dollar Tree) and a civil suit against Ron Jeferson.
    Thank you
    Latrise Williams

  35. I love shopping at Dollar Tree and spend quite a lot there. However I must complain about your store at 8250 Marbach Rd San Antonio , TX store #1375. I don’t know if they have changed in management or what the problem maybe. You can go in there anytime of the day and it looks like a storm came through. Boxes in the middle of the aisle and trashes. Some items that they normally have are not in stock. I now have to drive futher to the store off of Hwy 151 or the one by Imgram mall. They are always neat and clean and you don’t feel like you are going to trip over something. The employees are very helpful. I can’t say that about the Marbach store as the employees moral is very low and they appear to be fustrated. I think you should have a secret shopper go there and see the conditions. Thank you

  36. I’m a regular customer of Dollar Tree meaning I’m in there no less than 3 times a week. This is concerning the Dollar Tree in Oxford Ms. I have noticed the change since the store has received a new store manager (which was the manager one time before).Well my concern isn’t only for customers but for the company itself. First of all, I find it strange that every time I request to speak to a store manager, he is never available. So this makes me wonder if there is even a store manager assigned to that store.. Secondly ,I was in there the week of the 3rd and there was a gentlemen named Chris working and he was doing something with a buggy of meat and I over heard him yelling to the store manager Jerry whom seemed to be leaving at the time “Jerry, are you not wanting this meat?” seemed a little fishy. I feel like this manager isn’t operating this store the way it should be…There was another time I was in the store and there was a new cashier that was on the register she had approximately 10 people in line including myself and Chris was working that day. The cashier hollered to him that she needed backup and he came out of the office and said to her “I’m going to take my 30 minute lunch and he left out of the store. So I asked isn’t there anyone else who can help you check and she replies the manager just left and there is only me and a stocker here as she sighed. They need a manager apparently. I have never been in a store so many times that there is never a store manager there working. I know that once in awhile if I request to speak to him about something I may need they tell me he’s in another store helping but most other times it he’s not working today he’s off. (I’ll be honest I got to asking these last few times just seeing is he ever there ) my conclusion is rarely . And not sure what your policy is but you see the manager grab stuff off a shelve open it and never pay along with some of the others. I’m thinking what a great company to work for they pay for anything you want as an employee and less hours than other company’s I’ve seen …So my point leads to someone should really check out our community store because like I said earlier basket full of meat ,stuff off a shelve and never check out at a register seems fishy…I was in there today and how convenient he’s on vacation !! Just a concerned customer……

  37. I have a question for you? I was wondering if you would please carry Vista Oyster Crackers? I can’t seem to find them in Wabash, Indiana 46992 & would like buying them as many others would like them also. I appreciate & will be waiting from you, so I can buy @ Dollar Tree. V ery good snack cracker.
    P,S. Shearer’s Snacks

  38. I did submit a complaint in the month of March, 2016. A complaint about an employee at The Dollar Tree Store #6700, located at 8580 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson, AZ. However, I have never received any confirmation. What is rude is that the man confiscated the item I purchased and never returned anything to me. I would like a refund please, no matter how small. It came out of my pocket and being a senior every little amount helps. I was really surprised with his attitude, since the problem at hand was not my fault. The (2) items I purchased, one was okay and when I arrived home, one was broken open. The man would not give me any exchange or refund. But he took the item I purchased. What do you call that? I call it mean.

  39. I am 76 years of age, my wife and I have been in Dollar Trees in many states ( plus our own state-Florida). We enjoy and like Dollar Tree and have always been treated nice. July 28,2016 we went into the Dollar Tree in Kissimmee, Florida, there were on line open and about 12 people in line, the manager was putting cases of water in the front window, some people walked out. I ask the manager about opening another line, he would not answer me what so ever. We laid our items down and walked out, went to the Dollar Tree on RT. 535, extra time and expense for us. Further more the store was very dirty.

  40. I was charged twice for items purchased at store # 2732 Richmond, VA on 3 Nov 2016. I called the headquarters 5 times and left messages asking to get a return call and as of today 6 Nov 2016 no one has called. I need to get this issue resolved ASAP, otherwise I will forward this correspondence to CEO or anyone that at least will try and help me.

  41. How did you find the emails? Could you share it with us in case we wish to take the same route to voice our complaints.

  42. My 11 year. Old son had an extremely horrible let experience with a manager. He was even threatened. Corporate is not calling me back. I have left 2 voicemails and nothing! Please guide me to the best contacts. My next recourse is legal aide.



  45. went to dollar tree to get some aleve, there was 5 -6 people in line, when i got in line there was over 8 customers, when it got to 10 i ask an employee who was at at the other register could they open another register she say no ,but 2 mins later she announce she was opening up, next customer in line the people who had just got in line was able to ck out ,i was still in line, i said u should take next in line as u stated,had a very nasty attitude,this happen at this store all the time,they act as if we need them they need us , they need a manager who know how to manager customer ,this store need an overhaul, and need to learn how to treat customers who pay your salery, dollar tree on bullard and morrison 53 47 ,also if the cashier had not ask for her to open i would still be in the store 6:30 -7:20

  46. U need to look at john he is doing people. Wrong. At the dollar. ? he is talking to people. Like a dog im going to put it on faces. Book

  47. I was told I can’t visit the dollar tree store in Blacksburg v.a. or in Pearisburg v.a. because my ex husbands new wife is a manger and works between both and said i can’t come in there to shop!!! Even though I did nothing wrong at all I didn’t even acknowledge her at all!!! I just don’t understand how a manager or anyone can do this to someone just because I use to be married to the same man??? I have e-mailed cooperate and have not received a e-mail back yet…

  48. I was in dollar tree on yesterday I had a $50 DOLLAR bill to pay for my stuff the cash register lady didn’t have change so she call the manager for the change she told her that she should just have told me she didn’t have change she was very rude

  49. My nephew and i was ,@ the dollar tree location on Jefferson and 3rd in Rockford,il . We were putting items into a handy cart, and as we approached the checkout a guy comes up to counter stating to my nephew to empty my pocket because he saw him on camera so my nephew emptied his pocket and had nothing,so the guy asked my nephew to get out of the store, so i left all our items on the counter; just to say if this kind of behavior continues they will be out of business soon.

  50. Last night my daughter and I went to the dollar tree store located at 13913 Pioneer Blvd, in Norwalk Ca with store # 2993 and the manager was very rude to me. Some clients were shocked by this woman’s reaction, to such an extent that He came to tell me to shut up, my daughter was with me and was very scared. I returned 2 articles and she was addressing the cashier in a very rude way too. When leaving the store a client told me that she would also speak to make a complaint about what happened, she was also upset with the attitude of this manager.

  51. I stopped by the dollar tree location on alma school and warner I met the new manager and within 5 minuets I new she was not management material she was quite rude to me when I told her I would like case of stuffed olives,manguine oranges and sliced peaches she said she one time only but would not do it again ron the previous manager and algelia the previous head merchandiser always did this for me shelves were also barren in many places my name is larry g 480-6991405

  52. Sorry I don’t know the store I.D. #, but it is in between Reny’s and Hannafords in Wells Maine.We were in your store on 9/22/18 and the person on line in front of us ordered 6 balloons. There were 3 customers behind us, so I asked a girl that was stocking the area at the end of the next register “if there was anyone who could check us out, because our girl had to help the person in front of us with 6 balloons ” She never acknowledged , or answered me, and continued to stock the shelf. When she finished she yelled out, next in line, which was us. She abruptly checked us out, and I said, ” have a nice day April,” NO ANSWER. Don’t know if you have had any complaints about April in the past, but you can be assured that you will in the future!!!! We go to Dollar Tree all the time, and have NEVER had one rude or unpleasant experience until now. Thought you should know about this one!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your time, Heather

  53. Subject: This is real life definition of what market Driven-Quality is all about… {odakyu}

    Memo to: ALL CS STAFF
    Subject: MARKET DRIVEN

    My wife recently sent me a copy of this note on being market driven.
    I hope you find it as astonishing as I did.

    Vice President and Area General Manager
    National Federal Marketing
    Federal Sector Division
    6705 Rockledge Drive, Bethesda, MD 20817
    June 27, 1990

    In previous updates regarding quality, I talked about the importance of market
    driven quality to IBM, specifically to our own NFM organization.

    Today, I want to focus on what it means to be market driven and what it means
    to make customer satisfaction an absolute obsession. Sometimes it’s easiest to
    use an example rather than a description, so I’ve included a true story from an
    IBMer who recently visited Japan. It’s a good example of what market driven
    means, and it’s something we can all learn from.

    Here’s the story: by Hilary Hinds Kitasei

    My husband and I bought one souvenir the last time we were in Tokyo — a Sony
    compact disk player. The transaction took seven minutes at the Odakyu
    Department Store, including time to find the right department and to wait while
    the salesman filled out a second charge slip after misspelling my husband’s
    name on the first.

    My in-laws, who were our hosts in the outlying city of Sagamihara, were eager
    to see their son’s purchase, so he opened the box for them to see the next
    morning. But when he tried to demonstrate the player, it wouldn’t work. We
    peered inside. It had no innards. My husband used the time until the Odakyu
    would open at 10:00 to practice for the rare opportunity in that country to wax
    indignant. But at a minute to 10:00 he was pre-empted by the store ringing us.

    My mother-in-law took the call, and had to hold the receiver away from her ear
    against the barrage of Japanese honorifics. Odakyu’s vice president was on his
    way over with a new disk player.

    A taxi pulled up 50 minutes later and spilled out the vice president and a
    junior employee who was laden with packages and a clipboard. In the entrance
    hall, the two men bowed vigorously. The younger man was still bobbing as he
    read from a log that recorded the progress of their efforts to rectify their
    mistake, beginning at 4:32 p.m. the day before, when the salesclerk alerted the
    store’s security guards to stop my husband at the door. When that didn’t work,
    the clerk turned to his supervisor, who turned to his supervisor, until a SWAT
    team leading all the way to the vice president was in place to work on the only
    clues, a name and an American Express card number. Remembering that the
    customer had asked him about using the disk player in the U.S., the clerk
    called 32 hotels in and around Tokyo to ask if a Mr. Kitasei was registered.
    When that turned up nothing, the Odakyu commandeered a staff member to stay
    until 9:00 p.m. to call American Express headquarters in New York. American
    Express gave him our New York telephone number. It was after 11 when he reached
    my parents, who were staying at our apartment. My mother gave him my in-laws’
    telephone number.

    The younger man looked up from his clipboard and gave us, in addition to the
    new $280 disk player, a set of towels, a box of cakes, and a Chopin disk.

    Three minutes after this exhausted pair had arrived, they were climbing back
    into the waiting cab. The vice president suddenly dashed back. He had forgotten
    to apologize for my husband having to wait while the salesman had rewritten the
    charge slip, but he hoped we understood that it had been the young man’s first

    End of story.

    I hope this story convinces you that NFM, IBM, and most American industries
    have a long way to go to be truly market driven. I also hope it convinces you
    that the proper focus on customer satisfaction pays enormous dividends. This
    couple and their in-laws will never hesitate to do business with the Odakyu
    Department Store.
    Bill Rooker


  54. I would like to submit a comment in regards to standing in line waiting to check out. You want another employee to step up an open the cash register. we have policies that we follow to take care of the customers.other employees you see working have their assignments that need to be done in a timely fashion as well as trying to help out the cashier. they aren’t even supposed to be working on the cash register that’s why they’re doing something else besides standing up there to check you out. Its the cashier who is responsible for ur speedy check out. At Kroger those checkers get timed & repremaded for how many items they scan in an hour or something like that. There are times when the Checker is suposed to call for help. However it’s the checkers responsibility for moving people along and getting them out of the store in a reasonable amount of time so looking around for somebody else to check you out is not going to help you get out the door any faster. If we stop what we are doing to check u out then the shelves never get filled Which leaves nothing for u the customer to buy. If a customer needs help finding something or has an issue we take time out to gladly help look in the frieght to find the items the customer is in need of. the check out thing is what it is. If managment schedules more checkers then they would b at register waiting there for u to come b checked out. Talk with corporate if u hav issue with standing in line.

  55. Go to Dollar Tree here in Ocean Springs Ms at least 4 times a week. Went in today and the lady told me to put my basket down and get out the store she had me on camera for shoplifting a couple days before I was lost for one thing I thought she was joking about me stealing a dollar bottle of lotion. I wanted to see myself on camera she said maybe if I came back another day she could show me.what?? Then after all that was said and done she says maybe she made a mistake ?

  56. Att: may concern i was in dollar tree in fall river told that me and wife bad parents to daughter and friends and my daughter and friends and i show vedio from the camara and she apolize to me or wife daughter and friend and looking fash cards i that manger shold be fired from her jobs and if go on lost business thank s

  57. The dollar store and Rib Mountain Wisconsin is absolutely filthy. They are boxes stacked up everywhere’s shelves over half empty dirt and garbage lying all over each and every aisle. It looks as if the place hasn’t been vacuumed in months. Unsafe with boxes stacked up like they are all over the place. Don’t know how you can even make a business go with it looking as it does. Management needs to step into this store in Rib Mountain Wisconsin and check out the uncleanliness and conditions in there immediately]

  58. I CAN NOT believe how long it takes to get an online order shipped to there own stores or how disorganized & low on supplies the dollar store is this year POOR MANAGEMENT.

  59. You need to look into the dollar tree store in Kannapolis no at 293 east 22nd st and hwy29 management is taking and doing what is not legal

  60. Last night I was at Dollar Tree on Campbell n Irvington Az I had stopped very quickly to get a few things. As I’m in the isle a woman who works there approaches me and says if I can place the items that were on my purse somewhere else because when there right there people tend to put them in there purse and STEAL. I was very offended and didn’t feel comfortable to stay and purchase items in the basket as I was leaving she gave snide remarks and I let my anger get the best of me and did use profanity towards her. But her approaching me in front of my children was absolutely unprofessional and rude. I was so embarrassed I’m not a perfect person but I felt so belittled in that moment.

  61. I don’t understand how a manager can set a example for his employees when every time I go into the dollar tree in Jeannette pa this manager is laying on the floor in front of store I have taken pictures of this with no response from their corporate office

  62. dollar tree on 1960 and Jones road in Houston Texas I been going to this store for years my gym was right next to it but here recently I arrived there at 8:45pm I walked up to the door to open and it was lock a employee by the name of melissa came to the door and said “were closed” I told her its 8:45pm you guys don’t close till 9 o’clock I see customers in there shopping ” she said “sorry” shrugs shoulders and proceed to close the door and lock it, I have pictures of the time and pictures of customers still inside with the door lock this is very unprofessional actions needs to happen

  63. I used to shop at the dollar tree in hollins. Always well stocked and courteous emploees. Recently, I honestly thought the store was closing with the I’m shocked shelves, unopened boxes in the aisles and when I asked about people who used to work there was informed that they were fired fit being thieves, drug addicts and that they would never work for dollar tree again, and that 2 of the current employees were also drug addicts and thieves as well. I was shocked. I didn’t know what happened to the employees who were knowledgeable and friendly or the truth of what she was saying, but felt that it was extremely unprofessional and put dollar tree in a position that had to be against some sort of store policy. Needless to say, I will never step foot in that store again.

  64. Store 792 dahlonega ga. Air conditioner needs to be fixed so hot you can not stay in store and shop it is miserable. The employees are suffering so bad. Please do something

  65. Comment associate at Dollar tree. I feel like management chooses favorites. I waited for a year just to be able to process freight and was promised this position after she brought in a family member of our freight mfr at the time. I was allowed to stock for about a month when she rehired someone that abandoned his job about 6 months ago. All of a sudden my hours got cut my more than half. Her excuse was we are over on hours but when I went to the store the next day, the person she rehired was stocking and he was a cashier. I got cut for a week because we were “over on hours.” As of today, this cashier is still doing my job. We were suppose to come in to stock after the store closed but was told it was cancelled because of no hours. Wednesday morning at 5 am, they’re inside the store stocking. They don’t have the decency to tell me the truth because it would get them in trouble. I even texted our dm and got no response. I don’t know what to do because this is the third time that I have been treated this way. Our mgr has broken so many policy rules and covers it up by putting attention towards me. Do I have to contact the board so they can address this issue. It’s not fair and I have been patient but cutting pay by more than half is going to make me homeless. I was working 35-40 hours a week and now I’m lucky if I get 17-20 hours a week. I love working for Dollar tree but I wish we could get a manager that won’t abuse her position just because she thinks she can. She is forever on her phone and the dm has caught her several times. She hires family knowing it’s against policy rules. All I want is to have my hours back and to do my job and she can do whatever she wants to the store. A little honesty would be appreciated also. Something need to be done to make sure your associates aren’t treated like crap.

  66. Our mgrs #1 rules is to not talk to corporate because they will start watching us. I have nothing to hide. How else are they going to know what’s going on in their stores or what we need at the store. I don’t like lying and I won’t. I will continue to email corporate until something gets done about this matter. It’s frustrating when your mfr laughs at you because she knows they will believe her over me and she knows she can do and treat me any way she wants. But let me start talking about what she’s doing and then she’ll take my hours as a way to punish.

  67. I agree the stores have gone downhill. There is only one store in my area that is kept clean and stocked since they got new manager last year. I hear the employees talk to one of the managers about more hours, but the manager apologizes and tells them there are barely enough hours to keep the store open. The stockers only get a shift at times and stocking left to salaried manager. Its no wonder your stores look the way they do when you expect one person to do all the physical stuff and manage a store probably at low salary. Shame on you!! Maybe if you staffed your stores they wouldn’t look so disgusting

  68. Dollar Tree needs to care more about their workers yesterday everyone one close early because of what’s going on in the world with people putting things on fire and it’s was supposed to happen yesterday right next’s doors and they didn’t even care about us to close early they are trying to kill us what if something happened to us my family would have been coming after you guys we should have close early to I mean don’t you think if everyone is closing early we should to why don’t you guys care about your coworkers

  69. Dollar Tree should be closed on the holidays to get your coworkers a break and they can spend time with their family and we should be closed on Sunday it’s God’s day but I guess you don’t care about that your coworkers

  70. Dollar Tree should close if there a hurricane going on but they don’t because they don’t care about their coworkers all they care about is money instead of their coworkers

  71. Dollar Tree should paid us more and they should think about their coworkers more often not about their money start treating your coworkers right and start thinking about are life

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