John McPhee and Ryan CampbellApril 11, 2017 – SEMpdx welcomed John McPhee and Ryan Campbell, both of Oregonian Media Group, to present at this month’s event.  Together, they shared their recommendations on how to effectively prioritize, build and measure digital campaigns.  Here are a few takeaways from the night:

  • Building your marketing campaign is about prioritization. John likened it to a staircase, noting the first step is a good website and mobile experience.  Next is SEO, followed by email.  As you move up the staircase, build out your branded paid search, display ads, social media and category paid search.
  • When setting up goals, consider both your micro-conversions (i.e. downloads, email sign-ups, clicks) and macro-conversions (i.e. sale, lead).
  • Don’t forget to implement Google Tag Manager on your website.
  • Take advantage of annotations to document and catalogue noteworthy events for future analysis.
  • Incorporate “old-school” marketing (good creative, frequency and reach) with new marketing (behavioral targeting, testing everything).

It was a great evening of learning, and John and Ryan sent us home with several action items to implement in our own campaigns.

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