Rand is the founder and CEO of SEOmoz, a search marketing consulting firm based in Seattle, WA. Rand’s best known for his work on the SEOmoz.org website, a resource that serves tens of thousands each month in the field of SEO/M.

6 Delicious Morsels from the World of Search Marketing. How Personalization Impacts Search Marketers: Google now automatically turns on personalization (by default). SEO’s might be afraid but people shouldn’t be afraid. People who have “risky” strategies might not do so well. Why Wikipedia is so successful in the SERPS? URL structure – incredibly clean, direct clearly to topics. Good to do this with personal sites. Titles, tags – search friendly. Linking to Wikipedia is en vogue – a “default” link to many folks – people are very familiar with the Wikipedia brand.

Anti SEO Mindset online: Many people equate SEO with spam. SEO’s should be careful at many social networks. The power of the widget (e.g. the Youtube embedded video, Mybloglog). Embeds your content into other sites. Thousands of link to you are embedded in widgets. Biggest mistake in linkbaiting – needs to target those who link, not your customers. Freemium: the best revenue model in Web 2.0. Offer some of your best content for free so that people link to you & enjoy your site. Then, your “premium” content will rank better. Feedburner: Good example.

Rand’s Searchfest Post at the SEOmoz Blog

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