SEMpdx has teamed up with ConferencePlus to bring you ” Measuring Engagement on the Internet “, featuring Eric T. Peterson, founder of the Portland, Oregon strategic consulting group Web Analytics Demystified, Inc.

Thursday June 26, 2008
11:00 AM Pacific Time

Topic Description:

Engagement is a hot topic in 2008 — everyone wants it. Advertisers want to find engaged audiences to advertise to, sites want engaged visitors to interact with, and brands want engaged brand champions to help spread their message. But what is engagement online and how is it defined?

Join ConferencePlus and SEMpdx in welcoming web analytics author and industry thought leader Eric T. Peterson as he describes why you need a measure of engagement and how you can use it.

In this webcast, Mr. Peterson will cover:

  • The need for a defined measure of engagement online
  • Proxies for engagement currently being used (and why they don’t work)
  • How offline uses of engagement work and how they fail when applied to the Internet
  • The current definition of engagement being used by forward-thinking companies
  • Examples of engagement in action

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