Marty Weintraub is in the house.

Marty Weintraub, founder of Aimclear,  is always provocative, ever-engaging and reliably on top of the hottest data. Want to know what the bots are up to? Marty can tell you some whoppers. Why should you avoid targeting consumers who deal primarily in cash? (hint: criminals). Also –  exclude cheapskates from audience targeting – those folks who score for searches on “free stuff.” There’s probably not much value there.

In a flurry of a deck Weintraub spun conference slides into gold with a gazillion insights, inside tips and Facebook jaw droppers. “Every generation of Facebook users will have someone who can hack the S**T out of it.”

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Marty writes a must-read column in Inc. Magazine

Dominate Facebook with the Five-Finger Death Punch

Will Scott, CEO and Co-Founder at Search Influence  started building websites, and became comfortable with search from the start (we’re talking a while ago).. So what’s his opening idea? Ask questions of your customer’s customers.

Lookalike audiences

Use data to predict behaviors. Imagine trying to fill retirement homes with residents. Can you really target those residents? Maybe not. But you can target their adult children. Trying to reach couples with upcoming anniversaries? Wait until 30 days prior to the date to reach men (we get that). Seeking intenders? These are future purchasers ready to push the button on a new purchase. Look to “lookalike” audiences to clone their attributes and apply those audiences to the Facebook customer files. This will build larger target markets.

Ditch the pitch

Scott notes If you have killer content, small investments can drive viral engagement for very low cost. Consider promotion of a sponsored article via non-branded “interest” pages. The means may not be transparent, but results can override the methods. Consumers glean valuable information, and don’t believe they are experiencing advertising. Use this force for good, Luke.

Utilize top level data

Capture data from readily accessible sources like Zillow and United Van Lines. Re-use content from Reddit, and re-purpose it to meet your needs.

Use all of the turkey

Avoid throwing all your search marketing effort your pour into cooking one marketing turkey, and turn it into tasty leftovers in infographics, post media mentions, presentations, detailed blog posts and well-written site pages. Leftovers always taste better the next day, right?

Make the best of Facebook’s tools

Use the rich tools within Facebook to customize your messaging. “Whatever Facebook’s super into, they make it ridiculously cheap. They want video now.”

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