Jen Fisher - SEMpdx Member of the Month
Our March Member of the Month is Jen Fisher. Jen is an Online Marketing Specialist at Smarsh, which is a Portland based company that provides archiving and compliance solutions for companies in regulated and litigious industries.

As our Member of the Month, we asked her all the questions that matter so you can get to know her better.

About Jen Fisher

Area(s) of Expertise
Analytics, PPC, and SEO

What do you like most about Digital Marketing and why?
“Honestly, I really love the numbers. Being able to both measure and show results at any second is pretty gratifying.”

What advice do you have for a college student who is interested in your area(s) of expertise?
“Start early and try to get at least one internship before you graduate. Hiring managers are looking for hands-on experience so this will set you above your competition. Additionally, make sure you’re on LinkedIn and always have an updated resume to send. Start building your network now!”


Why are you a member of SEMpdx?
“For the networking, monthly events and keeping in touch with old colleagues and classmates. Also, Searchfest!”

Who’s been your favorite SEMpdx monthly event speaker and why?
“I really enjoyed Josh Patrice speak on CRO. We all want more conversions so I’m always interested in hearing more thoughts on the subject.”

If you could hear anyone speak at an event, who would it be and why?
“I’d like to hear Oli Gardner, Co-Founder of Unbounce, speak again. I saw him last year at the PPC Hero conference and really enjoyed his presentation. He was really funny and engaging. I’d love to see what other topics he’d cover. “


If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now (marketer, developer, etc), what would you do?
“Probably some sort of event planner. I love how organized you have to be.”

Favorite Beverage and why?
“Very dirty martini because any drink made with olives is good by me.”

To Bacon or Not to Bacon?

Anything else you want the SEMpdx community to know about you?
“Looking forward to seeing all of you at Searchfest this year!”

Thanks, Jen!

Make sure to congratulate Jen on her Member of the Month status when you see her at SearchFest on March 10.

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