November 8, 2016 – We dove into Facebook advertising at this month’s event with Five Mill’s Susan Wenograd walking us through everything from the essential foundations to powerful tools that will help bring successful ad performance.  Here are a few highlights from her jam-packed presentation:

  • Facebook analytics and Google analytics differ greatly. To better understand the data Facebook provides, be sure to assign specific conversion tracking.
  • When it comes to audiences, look-alike audiences can be helpful in creating a pool. Also, don’t forget to assign the appropriate negative audience.
  • Audience choices can cost you. For example, over-specific audiences often bring high CPCs.  Avoid this level of detailed grouping when you launch.  Remember, you can break your audience down further after the ads begin running and data rolls in.
  • Refreshing creative regularly is important.
  • Monitor performance and make changes quickly when you see a drop in performance.
  • If your ads see a significant drop in volume, consider switching your bids to manual for a period before switching back. It may give your volume a boost.

Susan closed the presentation with a generous time for Q&A, leaving us with several takeaways to consider implementing in our own ad campaigns.

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