Chris Boggs

Rosetta and SEMPO President

Getting Stuff Done – How to Increase Implementation Rates and Grow ROI in 2011

Implementation = Success

+ Greater rate of implementation yields greater successes (as defined by stated goals).

+ Measurement methods must be trusted and backed up, strategy requires full understanding of goals, delay of implementation yields diminishing returns, not refreshing strategy can be costly.

+ Need to be nimble!

+ Performance is best measured over time for large scale strategy and more rapidly for granular changes.

Establishing Connections

+ Networking never ends, especially in complex organizations.

+ Small business has an advantage over large orgs due to centrality of leadership and consistent oversight of most tasks

+ Knowing someones and sharing the same goals with them increases implementation rates

+ Truly integrated marketing requires consistency across all channels

+ The state of many current organizations – although things are getting better, many orgs still have fragmented communities and lack harmony between marketing campaigns

Training for Executives and Teams

+ Training is NOT one size fits all

+ Business owners shouldn’t be involved in the granular tactics but they should understand the importance of these activities

+ Establish the key elements required to run on all cylinders

+ Empower influencers to become decision makers for the granular tactics and learn the most important ways to measure success

+ Influence reporting dashboards

+ Establish ongoing training opportunities for all levels – executive track (goals and KPIs), content track (ad copy, press releases, keyword research, managing social media accounts), promotion track (leveraging PR, display retargeting, leveraging social media for PR, monitoring tools & strategies).

Utilizing Customer Intelligence

+ Leverage all target market research used to develop offline marketing and website

+ Use the demographics, psychological profiles and segementation/personas in developing and testing search

+ Use PPC to test for organic and display and mix/match A/B with multivariate efforts

+ Leverage internal search and bounce rate by page/keyword entrance

+ Use surveys and monitor reviews/social sentiment

+ Finding the “hidden keyword” is key throughout the funnel – for example people needing “personal loans” may more likely be searching on “home improvement loans” vs. a generic query such as “personal loans”

Leveraging the Environment

+ Know your SERP!

+ Most keywords will yield different styles of universal search results, which vary greatly when environmental changes occur

+ Understanding both the SERP and the autocomplete (formerly “Google Suggest”) for primary brand and non branded keywords

+ Protect your turf using Local, PPC, News and DAO

+ The other environment: Performance Management (tie implementation to responsible sources, all the way up the ladder)

+ Digital asset optimization – a must for most industries and paid search opportunities exist as well.

Acting on Analytics

+ Use your data, don’t let it use you

+ Don’t be driven by rash judgments based on incomplete data BUT don’t be afraid to test with smaller samples

+ Never expect analytics systems to match up closely

+ Don’t over trust competitive intelligence tools, but don’t ignore the RELATIVE differences they report

+ Test and test again, using all your marketing vehicles

Wrap Up

+ The book of laws is always unique to each business

+ Acceptable level of implementation only occurs when team work together towards a common goal and within a reasonable time frame

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