Rand Fiskin, SEOmoz

Justin Briggs, Big Fish Games



Rand and Justin faced off for this presentation.  The challenge?  Which marketing pro could show off the best tools to address today’s challenges and opportunities.


What a wonderful job Rand and Justin did summarizing internet marketer’s biggest challenges and providing tools to solve them.  In the end, the presentation attendees decided Rand was the winner.  I’m not going to away all the tools they discussed but rather highlight some of my favorite new ones I discovered today.


Rand Fishkin

Problem: Keeping your twitter account organized – to get more followers you have to follow more users, but how do you weed through all the junk on you twitter dashboard?

Solution: ManageFlitter – a powerful tool to clean up your twitter account


Problem: Choosing when to post to twitter- we all know the standard best practices, but what will actually be the most effect time to post when your followers are engaged?

Solution: Tweriod – Tweriod gives you the best times to tweet by analyzing both your tweets and your followers’ tweets.  So you can start tweeting when it makes most sense to reach others.


Problem: Finding a good and available domain name

Solution: LeanDomainSearch – Find available domain names by keyword

Lean Domain Search


Justing Briggs

Problem: Finding link sources – Justin admitted he misses Yahoo! Site Explorer for this purpose

Solution: YoLink – searches content behind links.  You can also use Google Alerts for link building and tie it in with YoLink


Problem: Visualizing data for marketing insights

Solution: Gephi – open source network graph visualization.  A really cool tool you MUST check this out!

Gephi Open Source Graph Viz Platform


Problem: Finding data for link bait.

Solution: Zanran – a data and statistic search engine.  Good to use for infographic data.  It’s still in beta and free so use it before they start charging for it.


Any new tools you have found that you would like to share?

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