Merry Morud will be speaking at the “Facebook Advertising” session at SearchFest 2013 which will be taking place on February 22, 2013 at the Governor Hotel in Portland, Oregon. For more information or to purchase tickets, please click the following link.

1) Please give us your background and let us know what you do for a living.
I work at aimClear and have been in Online Marketing for 3+ years with hands-on experience in just about every facet of online marketing. I cut my Facebook ads teeth on a dream task: Facebook ads for Martha Stewart Omni. Since Martha, I’ve developed & deployed Facebook campaigns for dozens of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to super-savvy guerrilla start-ups, typically for B2B. I’ve been heavily invested in social PPC (especially Facebook), and social analytics for the past couple of years & am excited about what remarketing will bring to the table.

Side note: I also just got a new puppy, Lola , who’s a big hit at the office 🙂

2) What is Facebook Exchange and why should we care?
In a nutshell, Facebook Exchange (FBX) is available through third-party vendors, mostly used for remarketing. I’ve seen this personally whilst Christmas gift browsing this year on Bed, Bath, & Beyond. I don’t “like” BB&B on Facebook, but I looked at a few products on their website, then saw ads, for the exact products I was looking at, on the right sidebar of my Facebook newsfeed. Needless to say, I didn’t buy from those FBX ads * shrug * but I have heard many great statistics on using FBX. Users also get additional capabilities such as multi-touch attribution, frequency capping, day parting, and more. All in all, very cool & more stats will come out I’m sure. One caveat when considering FBX: the third party fee can get a bit hefty for some advertisers (is is worth the reduction in CPA?) & FBX will work better for sites with a generous amount of traffic.

3) How do you see Facebook’s Ad Platform evolving in 2013?
Facebook updates to the ads platform have been rolling out and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few more in early 2013. I’m hoping they’ll get the Account Spend Cap under control, currently it’s confusing, so I would expect they’ll get that sorted. I would also not be surprised to see them keep fiddling with alternative ad units, like Page Post Stories etc. Power Editor, if you’re doing Facebook Ads & not using Power Editor… try it! It’s like AdWords Editor for Facebook Ads, and it’s getting better and better, so I’d be Power Editor is where we’ll see most changes.

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