IMAA 2017 Survey Results

IMAA 2017 Survey Results title pageAs a member of the Interactive Marketing Association Alliance (IMAA), SEMpdx participated in a national survey last year, and the results are now available.

In 2016, IMAA fielded an important piece of industry research on the digital industry and the relationships between agencies, brand marketers, and technology/media solutions providers. The research was conducted in partnership with more than 15 other local and regional professional marketing associations. The survey was designed to help the industry understand the strengths and opportunities in forging stronger collaborative relationships that help us grow our brands and careers.

The survey had four key objectives:

  1. Provide relevant insight into key elements of the digital marketing industry
  2. Assess the state of relationships between leading agencies, brand marketers and media/technology solutions providers
  3. Understand how media and technology priorities are changing
  4. Benchmark the value, strengths and opportunity areas of local interactive marketing associations and other local professional marketing associations that participate in the study

The result is a national overview with significant participation by brands, agencies and technology/media providers/sellers that gives the world a glimpse into how these three groups REALLY view one another. Thank you to those who took the time to complete the survey. Take a moment and review the IMAA 2017 survey results.

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