In honor of SEMpdx’s 11 consecutively held conference, I’ve come up with the top 11 reasons why you should attend Engage on March 9 in Portland, Oregon.

  1. SEMpdx's Engage Conference – Portland, OregonAfter 10 successful years as SearchFest, the conference is now called Engage. What is this reboot all about? You should attend and find out! And later you can say “I was at the very first Engage Conference”.
  2. Amazing speakers – All 30+ of them. While most conferences require speakers submit ideas to be considered. Engage organizers invite the marketing professionals they think will bring fresh and compelling points of view. Look forward to speakers who are passionate about what the do, are eager to learn more, and enjoy sharing what they know.
  3. Videos of all speaker sessions are included with your ticket. Four to six weeks after the conference, you’ll receive access to all of the videos – over 1,000 minutes of Engage goodness. This allows you to see concurrent sessions you missed, or want to see again.
  4. bacon at Engage ConferenceA full breakfast buffet to get the day started right, including bacon, –because it’s delicious and high in protein, …but mostly that delicious part.
  5. New this year – Stumptown Coffee with breakfast, thanks to sponsor Tidings Company.
  6. Sponsors. Yes, sponsors. They will help make Engage awesome by helping us bring extras to the conference that make for an improved experience, as well as help to hold down registration prices. (Interested in becoming a sponsor?, then check out Engage’s sponsorship opportunities.)
  7. Networking with like-minded marketing professional attendees and speakers. Sometimes the most important things you can learn are from discussing what you’ve heard in presentations with others and finding out how others tackle the same problems you face in your job.
  8. Happy Hour – Immediately following the closing kick-ass keynote from Cindy Krum, imbibe in some beer or wine with snacks and networking – a great way to bookend the day.
  9. After Party – Let the awesomeness of the day continue. Immediately following Happy Hour is the After Party, with drinks, food, photo booth, fun activities, and of course, more networking.
  10. 10% of SEMpdx’s annual proceeds is donated to our Charity of Choice, currently Reading Results. As a non-profit, SEMpdx believes in giving back to our community. We will be matching up to $5,000 in donations made by our members to Reading Results.
  11. It’s in Portland. If you’re from here, you already get it. If you’re traveling from afar, you’ll enjoy the beautiful & historic Sentinel hotel as the backdrop of the Engage conference. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to eat amazing food, meet great people, and enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Bonus: Here’s a slideshow of photos from last year’s conference to further entice you to join us in Portland, March 9 for the Engage Conference.

Credit for all photos: Nina Johnson



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