Tsering Alleyne

Before all the March Madness begins, we want to let you know about our March Member of the Month, Tsering Alleyne! Tsering is the Marketing Director of HitchSource, an online retailer based in Hood River, OR that specializes in Trailer Hitches, RV Accessories, Tow Bars, Bike Racks and Trailer Hitch Accessories. In order to get to know him better, we asked him all the important questions and are sharing them with you.

About Tsering Alleyne

Area(s) of Expertise
“Email Marketing, PPC, Social Ads”

What do you like most about Digital Marketing and why?
“I really like that digital marketing offers the ability to target and connect with customers looking to learn about exactly what you have to sell. Being creative and having the ability for instant feedback also make the work fun and rewarding.”

What advice do you have for a college student who is interested in your area(s) of expertise?

“Start educating yourself. Digital marketing is a speeding train, the sooner you realize this and start getting up to speed the more valuable you will be.”


Why are you a member of SEMpdx?

“So I can stay on the train. Its tough to manage your day to day tasks and professional development. At a small company you wear many hats. SEMpdx keeps me engaged in the broader field of digital marketing and aware of whats coming next so I can have the competitive edge in my market. It’s also just fun to hang out with a bunch of marketing geeks who speak the same language. “

Who has been your favorite SEMpdx monthly event speaker and why?
“To be honest, I don’t think I have been able to make a monthly speaker. I have tried to make a few of them, but I’m out in Hood River and recently travel on the 84 has been daunting. I have made it to the member mixers and I did really enjoy Larry Kim at SearchFest last year.”

Have you been to Engage (formerly SearchFest) and how many have you attended?
“I went for the first time last year and will be attending the 2017 Engage conference.”

If you could hear anyone speak at an event, who would it be and why?
“It would be pretty cool to see Guy Kawasaki speak at an SEMpdx event. “


If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now (marketer, developer, etc), what would you do?
“Probably trying to find a way to make a living traveling and racing mountain bikes.”

Favorite Beverage and why?
“Coffee in the morning to be productive and a craft beer in the evening to let it all go.”

To Bacon or Not to Bacon?

Anything else you want the SEMpdx community to know about you?
“I have found that the occasional digital detox is key to keeping it fun. If I’m having fun I am more motivated and successful.”

Thanks, Tsering!

Make sure to find Tsering at Engage on March 9th to congratulate him on his status of Member of the Month!

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