Paula Keller will be speaking on Non-Facebook Paid Social at the Engage Conference, which will take place March 9, 2017 in Portland. For more information, or to purchase tickets, please click here.

Paula Keller - SEMpdx Engage 2017 Speaker
1) Please give us your background and let us know what you do for a living.

I like to believe I was destined to become an online marketer as a result of my upbringing as the daughter of a self-taught programmer, and my “classic” marketing degree. I started working at Search Influence straight out of college and hit the ground running claiming & testing ranking factors on 80+ Google Places listings (categories for the win!). I’ve expanded my horizons beyond good ole Google Places since 2009 and figured out the wonders of content development, and, my favorite today, the S.S. Targeting – yes, S. S. Targeting – Smart. Social. Targeting.

After building a team of creative account managers, I recently transitioned into a new role. Officially, they call me the Director of Sales & Marketing. I like to say I play online marketing matchmaker: I identify the right marketing solutions to match business goals to help companies in almost any industry optimize their potential — with a heavy hand in medical, legal, tourism, manufacturing, and home services.

I am super pumped to be heading back to Portland to share some of what I’ve learned on this journey!

2) What non-Facebook social ads should I be considering and under what circumstances?

LinkedIn! For B2B, all the way. It’s more expensive than Facebook on a CPC basis, but, your audience is in the right business-focused mindset and its not overcrowded. I love me some Facebook (well, I love their targeting), so I think B2B can work via Facebook too, but LinkedIn has its time and place (Monday – Friday), and, sponsored posts is definitely the ad type to select.

For more specifics, you’ll have to attend my Engage session on the Social track!

3) How can someone quantify ROI on social ad channels?

It takes a village. Well, maybe not a village but it takes some work & tools. We have a lead tool, LeadSNDR, that we first built back in 2007 (pre-dates me), that tracks & reports on the last & prior sources of the lead. So, if someone comes to your site from a social channel prior, comes back via organic & converts, we’ll know that.

Then, manual review. We sit with our client and review the leads we sent them and note if they converted, and, overall, the quality of the lead, and what made it a good or bad lead. When able, we put a dollar amount on the customer which gives us a TRUE ROI. Sometimes we just get a lead to customer conversion rate or raw number of clients earned, and that is a solid metric too. Last week, with help of the client, we were able to figure that we drove 400 customers through our SEO & paid ad efforts in 2016 — talk about proving value — next step is true revenue & ROI calculations.

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