Kent Schnepp

Vice President, Director of Operations

Since the inception of EngineWorks, Kent Schnepp has been responsible for the design, structure, and improvement of systems to create and deliver world-class search marketing services to online commercial entities and interactive media agencies. EngineWorks is an innovative online search engine marketing (SEM) services and technologies company headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

With almost a decade of Internet marketing experience, Kent possesses extensive search marketing knowledge, and is a recognized expert in Web site optimization and development. In addition to overseeing the company’s Search Strategies Department, Kent continuously focuses on enhancing the quality of processes, infrastructure, and best practices to ensure that the company’s services exceed client success metrics.

Prior to co-founding EngineWorks, Kent was founder and president of a successful online media agency focused on site design and Web applications for both large and small commercial entities. In addition to owning his own agency, Kent was Art Director for three years at MLS, Inc., a leading online catalog publisher in Eugene, Oregon, overseeing the creation of more than seventy (70) user-centered Web sites. Kent earned his Bachelor degree from the University of Oregon.

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