Rand FishkinSpeaker: Rand Fishkin, CoFounder & CEO SparkToro

Title: The End of Marketing Attribution

For 20 years, marketers have been able to attribute most online conversions to the channel (and sometimes even the exact tactic) that sent them. But, those days are ending. In this presentation, Rand will show what’s happening to the web in government policy, privacy changes, tech shifts, and the incentives of major traffic & ad platforms to cause this shift, and how marketers can respond.

• You’ll learn how to measure those hard-to-measure channels and tactics
• Get workarounds for big tech’s attempts to hide referral data
• Learn ways to avoid throwing money at ads for conversions that would have happened anyway, and…
•Explore tactics that are hard to attribute, but undeniably powerful (and often far higher ROI than classic ad tactics).

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