Carolyn Shelby

Sparing everyone a long-winded recitation of Carolyn Shelby’s journalistic endeavors as a child, let’s skip forward to “business life” – Carolyn Shelby was the cofounder of an Internet Service Provider in 1994, when the web was very new and there were few businesses with sites. One of her first clients was the local Gannett affiliate and Carolyn’s company put the Journal and Courier on the web by writing a system that would intercept the news before it hit the printing presses and convert it to HTML and post to the J&C’s new website. After that, she dabbled in running her own online only news site and was one of the very first sites to be included in the brand-new Google News program. She spent 7 years working for the Tribune company as the Director of SEO for dailies like the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, and the NY Daily News. She recently spent nearly 3 years at Disney where she was able to work on the ESPN domestic and global network.