JP Sherman

I am the manager of Search & Findability for Red Hat. This means that I help humans find the information they’re looking for regardless of the search channel they use. Using SEO, On-Site Search, Machine Learning, Content Strategy & Development, Templating, Architecture & Platform Analysis & Optimization, I measure how people look for, find and use the information they find in support of the Red Hat Customer Portal.

I discovered my passion for combining behavior, semantics and technology when I worked at the US Army’s Special Operations Command as a Psychological Operations Specialist. I spearheaded efforts to use search to disseminate information about malaria prevention and humanitarian de-mining efforts in south-east Asia at the same time Google came into existence. Since then, I’ve found a natural talent to connect data, behavior, search and findability to bring actionable changes and value to Paramount Studios, Skechers, Performance Bike, Dewalt and many more.

My true passion is to create natural and intuitive search experiences to connect a user’s intent to the information they want.

In my spare time, I’m the President of the NC Chapter of the Entertainment Consumers Association, a non-profit advocacy group dedicated to protecting First Amendment rights in digital media. I’m a proud native Californian who’s chosen to live in the “peak of good living”, Apex, NC where I helps raise my boys with my talented non-profit fundraiser of a wife. Find me on Twitter @jpsherman where I enjoy talking shop, non sequitors and other geeky endeavors.