Michelle Robbins

Accomplished decision intelligence leader with over 20 years of experience as a product developer, engineer, analyst, marketing technology leader, and technology integration specialist. Expert at data and market-trend analysis to surface insights that translate brand goals into successful products and growth strategies.

Frequent keynote speaker, webinar presenter, and podcast guest on topics spanning data, martech, product development, content strategy, and search marketing. Passionate about people, technology, and data.

Data-driven Technologist ? User-focused Product Developer ? Data-informed Growth Strategist

Thrives on working with product-driven brand storytellers and data-focused teams to leverage my diverse strengths, foster collaboration, and enable product, service and customer growth in an innovative environment.

A lifelong learner, unrelentingly curious, and passionate about integrating the best of data, technology, and people to drive superior product creation and innovation.

  • Effective and dynamic team leader
  • Forward thinking analyst
  • Excellent communicator
  • Tenacious problem solver
  • Full stack engineer
  • Data scientist
  • MS Candidate, UCSD Rady School of Management

Active mentor/sponsor, and committed to engaging more women in the fields of STEM:

  • Women@ LinkedIn ERG – Co-Chair, Communications Committee, North America
  • Women of Martech – Steering Committee & member
  • WITI – Women in Technology International – member, speaker, and featured webinar presenter
  • Women in Tech SEO – Mentor, speaker, member
  • Women in Search – Featured profile/member
  • APCH – A Place Called Home – Life Mentor at this non-profit serving Los Angeles youth