I’ve now added the PubCon discount to the SEMpdx member discount page, and if you’ve never been to a Webmaster World PubCon event, it’s well worth attending.

Although many other conferences offer similar content and speakers, only PubCon is held in fabulous Las Vegas!

The thing I used to actually dislike about PubCon in Las Vegas was that everyone is so spread out, that it was hard to get people together, and hard to find the parties, afterparties, and the unsanctioned get-togethers.  In a smaller venue where everyone stays primarily in one or two hotels, it’s just easier.

Now however, the conference has grown so big, that there are always multiple events going on nightly, and even during the day sometimes, whether they’re official PubCon parties (2009) or “unsanctioned” events like the Purpose Inc. gatherings.

I’ll be speaking at Pubcon again for my 4th year running, and there may will certainly be other SEMboard members attending too, and maybe even speaking…

November 8 – 11, 2010 at the Las Vegas Convention Center


There are always lots of people to meet, and valuable lessons to be learned at PubCon.  (Last year for example, I learned that climbing the 10 foot wall across the Strip from the Hard Rock was a really bad idea.  –

If anyone has a photo of the gash on the bridge of my nose, feel free to send it to me 😉

If you’re an SEMpdx member, get your discount code here

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