An awful lot has changed about Google in the past year, and although nearly everyone agrees that backlinks are still the key to search engine rankings, not everyone agrees about the most effective ways to build those links.

Not all link building methods are right for every business either, so what will work for you? Are there right ways? Wrong ways? Unethical ways?

What about your competition? What are they doing, how can you tell, and should you be emulating their efforts, or should you be reporting them?

Join our three presenters from local Portland search marketing firms, as they discuss link building in 2011 and beyond.


  1. Blu Drobushevich, Director of SEM – Amplify Interactive
  2. Scott Fish – Director of Search – Engineworks
  3. Scott Hendison – CEO – Search Commander, Inc.

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Tuesday January 11, 2011.
4:30 to 6:30 PM

Hotel deLuxe -729 SW 15th Ave, Portland, OR 97205

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Download the presentations:

Blu D.

Scott F.

Scott H.

The Presenters:

1. Blu Drobushevich, Director of SEM – Amplify Interactive
Amplify Interactive recently released a whitepaper that discusses content development for links.

Blu will be giving a high-level presentation about “why ‘authority’ (links) is important for your search marketing strategy, and how to create and use content to build links’.

Blu Drobushevich, Director of SEM at Amplify Interactive, brings over 13 years of Internet marketing experience to the organization. Co-founder of the search engine marketing organization SEMpdx, Blu got his start in ecommerce where he was responsible for developing and managing organic and pay per click search marketing campaigns for nearly 10,000 products and over 200 separate brands.

After that company was acquired in 2003, Blu then focused his attention to the agency world where he constructed and managed search-marketing campaigns for over 75 clients including multiple fortune 100 corporations.

While at At Amplify Interactive, Blu’s responsibilities include client strategy, streamlining internal processes and management of key accounts.

2. Scott Fish – Director of Search – Engineworks

Building Links Stinks: Tips to Build Links With Little Effort

Link building stinks. Link building is time consuming. Learn proven strategies that you can employ, for your business, to build links fast and effectively. You may even be able to build links with your eyes closed. You will also learn about the anatomy of a link and how slight changes to a link’s anatomy can positively impact your search engine rankings.

Scott is responsible for imparting his advanced knowledge of data-driven marketing strategies to all team members, and for overseeing all client relationship and account management functions. Along with his best practices acumen, Scott is fully proficient in the latest Search Engine Marketing strategies, including advanced Link Building, proper code structure and optimization, enhanced content creation, and engaged social media promotions.

Prior to joining EngineWorks in 2007, Scott was the Domain Sales and Acquisitions Manager for Dotster, Inc., one of the world’s largest Internet domain registrars and was also founder of his own Search Engine Marketing company in April 2005.

3. Scott Hendison – Search Commander, Inc.

Where is the “line” that’s “not to be crossed” when building links?

Competition is getting tougher all the time. If you’re in a competitive market, you’ve undoubtedly seen that many sites are resorting to somewhat less than “snowy white” linkbuilding tactics.

Can you build links without flirting dangerously close to the ethical boundries that Google requires? Of course you can, but you might not be as successful as you hope!

Find out how to tell what your competitors are doing, and how to determine what you can get away with, as well as some tools for pushing the envelope.

Disclaimer: Scott’s presentation is not endorsed by SEMpdx – or likely anyone – at least not in public 😉

Scott Hendison is the CEO of Search Commander, Inc., and is the founder of SEO Automatic Tools. A former retail store owner who built a local on-site computer sales and repair business through PPC and organic search engine optimization., and in 2003 started focusing almost exclusively on internet marketing.

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  1. If I lived somewhat close I would Be there, but flying from Dallas to Portland and back would be 12 hours of flying for 2 hours of great info!

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