There are several reasons why WordPress powers over 15 percent of the top 1 million websites in the world, and why nearly one out of five new sites developed today are done in WordPress.

The main reason? Besides being easy to use, when it’s set up correctly with the right plugins, a WordPress site can “automatically” deliver almost perfect on page SEO.

As usual, we are holding the event on the second Tuesday of the month, with networking from 4:30 to 5, then we’ll have an hour long presentation and Q&A, then another half hour of networking.

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Hotel deLuxe
729 SW 15th Ave
Portland, OR 97205


Scott Hendison, Search Commander, Inc.

What Will Be Covered?

Right now, my plan is to cover 10 to 15 minutes with the initial and critical WP setup choices. I’ll explain why I make the choices I do and I’ll also show how to make it a lot easier if you have to do it regularly. If you’re not someone that sets up WP regularly, and you rarely intend to, then you can feel free to come late, because this first part might bore you. 😉

Then I thought I’d give a 10 – 15 minute in-depth look at Yoast’s plugin, WordPress SEO and how to set that up and tweak it. Even though the plugin isn’t brand new anymore, a lot has changed, and if you know your SEO but you’re still using one of the older SEO plugins, you’ll flip at the level of control this plugin has.

Then, with the remaining time, I thought I’d go over one more of these topics…

  • Choosing plugins wisely
  • Plugins I can’t live without
  • Performance & Security
  • Something else entirely?

I think you see my dilemma…

I need your help…

In the comments below, can I please get a little feedback from you if you’re coming? What’s most important? Why are you coming? What to you need to know/learn about? What might you want to see covered that you’ve never seen? How can this evening be the most valuable to you?

Perhaps there are even some specific questions I could answer as part of the presentation too. I’m open to anything, but I’d like to get the feedback soon, since it’s coming up in a week!

17 thoughts on “March 2012 – WordPress & SEO

  1. You might already be speaking about it but I think it would be super helpful to explain how to handle malicious code on your WordPress site, and what to do if your site does get hacked.

    1. Thanks Greg. for the suggestion – Yeah I think I’m leaning towards covering performance and security over covering plugins. It’s probably more important…

    1. Thanks Chris, and I yep, thought of that, but luckily (for Greg who commented before you), we had a site hacked last night and while getting it all back to normal took only a few minutes I made some screen shots so I think the time I’m alotted is pretty much full. Are you coming though? If so, and I don’t get a slide in about that, do ask the question at the end…

  2. Your description of what you plan to cover sounds great! And if there is extra time, I would be interested in knowing more about caching options. I keep hearing how important page load time is to SEO, but I have not explored caching plugins in WP yet (wp super cache, w3 total cache). I realize every site is probably different, but if you have some basic set-up advice and which plugin, if any, you prefer for caching, that would be terrific! Looking forward to the meeting. Thank you!

  3. I second the suggestions for SEO that’s specific to WordPress. Also interested in your top recommended plugins, like for social sharing. Plugins that play nicely with WordPress and don’t mess things up….

  4. Is this session going to be recorded and available for viewing? If not, FYI, I would pay for it, maybe others would as well.


    1. I gave the URL in the slides, but I just sent you a link by email – Maybe I should email all of the attendees through Eventbrite?

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