Aaron Levy

If you find yourself funemployed, furloughed, covid-ployed, underemployed or just bored, please say hi. I have a healthy network that I’m happy to share, plus we have a buncha roles. Reach out and I’ll help as best as I can, no sob story needed.

I’ve developed strategies for clients ranging from F500 beasts & internationally recognized retailers, fast-growth Series A startups and a few local plumbers & regional adoption agencies here and there. Over my career I’ve overseen a few billion in media spend. I’ve spent time in just about every channel online, from media buying and email campaigns to affiliate and beyond, but found my “home” in SEM.

Happy to connect with anyone to share knowledge. But, if I get an instant pitch (especially a generic copy/paste one) after a connection request, I won’t share any snacks with you and you can’t come to my birthday party. None of this “LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE DOING GREAT THINGS AT TINUITI HERE’S HOW I CAN HELP” garbage. Be better.

I’m a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide, usually around one a month. I try to be selective, as I greatly prefer speaking to students & career changers. Want to bring as many rising stars as possible into this lovely digital ad world.