SEMpdx Charity of Choice

Each year, SEMpdx selects a Charity of Choice to support for a 12 month period. Benefits for our Charity of Choice organization include:

  • Recognition at events and in our collateral materials
  • Opportunity to attend and display collateral materials at our monthly events
  • A complimentary booth at our Engage Conference
  • Pro-bono digital marketing consulting services from SEMpdx board members and volunteers
  • Up to $5,000 donation based on matching donations from SEMpdx members

Your generous support of SEMpdx makes Charity of Choice possible, so be sure to become a member, attend our events or become a sponsor. If you are interested in nominating a Portland-area non-profit organization for Charity of Choice, please contact us.

2022 Charity of Choice: The Maurice Lucas Foundation

At the Maurice Lucas Foundation, kids come first. We are passionate about their success and believe in their ability to dream, learn, and achieve. Our Academy programs are built on academics, character development, and community.

Because basketball is in our DNA, we also incorporate sports and other physical activities to create ways for students to engage and practice life’s larger lessons.
Seven Pillars inform our approach. They are guiding principles our students can use in every aspect of their lives.

  • IntegrityMaurice Lucas Foundation
  • Hard work
  • Goal Setting
  • Positivity
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Leadership

Our team consists of mentors, coaches and tutors and a collaborative relationship with partners, families, teachers, and schools. We acknowledge and value the important influences in our students’ lives and form a community of champions for their success.

Partnerships and support like yours make our work possible. For example, last year, our friends at the Heatherington Foundation partnered with us to make our expansion into Parkrose School District possible. During the pandemic when schools were struggling to reach their students in a virtual environment, the Maurice Lucas Foundation was able to provide community and academic support to a new group of middle school students.

Our programs are making an impact with kids, families, schools, and communities. Our students grow in capability and confidence because we support and amplify their resilience as they navigate the world and gain access to transformational opportunities and experiences.

Your support is making a difference. Together we will continue to advance our mission of ensuring all students have a fair and equitable opportunity to access a high-quality education and pursue their dreams.

The Maurice Lucas Foundation was founded in honor of Maurice Lucas, a star both on the basketball court and in the Portland area. Maurice created an enduring impact in our community because he possessed the discipline to live by his values, and the generosity to share them. His dedication to kids, Portland, and achievement changed lives. We’re honored and humbled to continue his work.

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Please note that new Applications For Charity of Choice are accepted each fall