Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Mobile/Local – Microsoft

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Anna HughesAnna Hughes believes in the power of connections – and that great advertising is fundamentally about connecting brands with people. Anna remains convinced that content and commerce can co-exist in exciting, irresistible ways, and that ads don’t have to be a tax on consumers.

Anna is also a seasoned digital marketing pro, with a wide set of experiences and skills that give her a unique perspective on the future of online advertising. Anna has spent the last 20 years in online marketing in various roles and organizations – as Account Planner/Account Director managing $100MM+ accounts for agencies such as Razorfish and Story Worldwide to Product Management and Marketing for Microsoft’s Mobile/Local Ads team, Expedia Media Solutions, The Cobalt Group, and various .com start-ups. Having held roles on both the publisher and advertiser sides of the house, she has a clear understanding of the trade-offs and opportunities inherent in bringing new media technologies to life.