Will Scott

CEO – Search Influence

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I consider myself an Internet Generalist with a Marketing Bent.

All of my positions have been a mix of business and technical, with an eye on marketing.Trained as an Architect, I’ve applied this study to the web to bring a sense of design to the way in which users approach and use information.

Online since 1994, I have a deep history in building scalable systems for the web. I honed these skills at YPsolutions (acquired by Local Matters) – online technology provider to Sprint (RH Donnelly) Best Red YP and more than 20 other independent yellow pages. My time in yellow pages technology helped me understand the value of building a skilled team focused on scalable deployment of SEO, social media, content, paid search and online advertising solutions.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the great luck to work with some talented salesmen. They have taught me that a product without a market is not a product – it’s an idea. You don’t usually make money with ideas.

Specialties: Marketing, Business Development, Product Development, Management, Technical Management, Building a Team, SEO, PPC, Social Media

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