Executive Vice President – Clearlink

Founder and CEO – Portent, Inc.

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Ian LurieIan Lurie is the Founder of Portent, a Clearlink Digital Agency. Portent provides paid and organic search and social media, content, and analytics services to B2B and B2C brands.

Ian’s professional specialties and favorite topics are marketing strategy, search, history, and all things nerdy. He spends far too much time poring over Amazon search patents, Google rankings and natural language processing theory. His random educational background includes a B.A. in History from UC San Diego and a degree in Law from UCLA. Now, he teaches and trains his most excellent team, consults, and teaches his kids to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Ian recently published Technical SEO Best Practices – a free guide to Technical SEO. You can find it here: https://essentials.portent.com/portent-technical-seo-best-practices/

You can find Ian on Twitter at @portentint