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John GagnonJohn is a digital marketing pro with an unstoppable passion for helping others get smarter about search marketing. Time working at both Google Adwords and Bing Ads gives him a full and unique perspective.

John is an award-winning speaker and travels as the Bing Ads Evangelist to digital marketing conferences across the country. John balances his deep technical knowledge of data, paid search optimization strategy and emerging trends with an acute awareness of his audience, delivering personable and friendly presentations that engage. He is a popular contributor to blogs including SEW, ClickZ and Huffington Post.

Before he became the Bing Ads Evangelist, John honed hardcore optimization skills while managing Fortune 100 Bing Ads marketing budgets including Microsoft, Hotwire, Dish Network and Esurance. He often teaches Excel techniques to digital marketers because he believes these data management tools make it easier to make smarter digital marketing decisions. He is equally convinced that caffeine is responsible for many of his best decisions.

Follow John on Twitter: @jmgagnon. Follow Bing Ads on Twitter: @BingAds