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Topic: Navigating Social Search

Act 1: Browsing The Web.
Act 2: Searching The Web.
Act 3: Browsing The Web (again).

Browsing by way of voting—not asking a question but have a topic of interest.

Social media value still depends on conversion.

Different kinds of browsing: Browsing by voting, browsing by sharing, browsing by way of community, and browsing by way of voyeurism (audience laughs): Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Forums.

Social search is strictly vertical search—search engines trending to vertical search and trending to blended search.

So what changes? Nothing.

Basics: keyword research, create compelling content, ensure content is relevant, pay attention to title tags & headings, and make the content scanable.

What’s different? Get involved in the community, get to know the community, blog authentically, read & comment on other blogs, be active in forums, create & use relevant social networking profiles, and let your audience get to know you.

Know your own audience & know your social media audience. What’s a good conversion rate? Social media converts at a lower rate than search visitors. Provide explanation & links. Don’t neglect your profile for effective reputation management. Don’t forget old school sites. Link effectively but not in an annoying way. Treat social media & networking as traffic opportunities and ways to strengthen your brand and customer interactions.

Todd Mintz
Todd Mintz knows PPC...knows Social Media...knows SEO...knows Blogging...knows Domaining...and knows them all real well. He is the SEM Consigliere for 3Q Digital and is also a Director & Founding Member of SEMpdx: Portland, Oregon's Search Engine Marketing Association, and he can be found here on Twitter and Facebook.
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