2020 SEMpdx BoardThe SEMpdx Board of Directors works hard to create and maintain an organization that’s meaningful, dynamic and meets the needs of its members.

Over time, board members change positions on the board, as well as leave the board to pursue other opportunities.

As board members leave, it creates an excellent opportunity for SEMpdx members to join the board, bring new ideas, and help craft the future of our organization.

Apply Before August 31, 2022

There are currently openings on the SEMpdx Board of Directors. If you are interested in joining the board, please complete the application you’ll find at the bottom of this page.

Submit your application no later than midnight on August 31, 2022 . If you apply and are selected by the board to fill one of the positions, you’ll be notified in April.  Board positions are normally a 2-year commitment, with the board year officially beginning July 1.

If you aren’t selected – we have additional opportunities available on our committees like marketing, membership, events, and Engage conference. We encourage you to volunteer and get more involved in SEMpdx! Email the Volunteer Director now and let them know you’d like to help.

What Positions are Open?

That remains to be seen. Initial entry to the board at this time is one of several “at large” positions, which we’ll discuss more  at our annual retreat in September.

SEMpdx has an interim president – Trish Carey – Thank you Trish!

Thank you to all of the board members, advisory board, volunteers, and members for helping to make SEMpdx a great organization.

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