The lack of AdSense access from my regular Google Account (IGoogle) page never did make sense to me, but it was something I didn’t use often, so didn’t really care.

Well I’m not sure when it happened, but Google has finally allowed me to combine the two, enabling me to access all my Google services from one place, which I think is a big improvement.

This morning I was able to merge my accounts, and now my Google page looks like this…


Since I don’t do a lot of Google Ad Sense sites, I rarely log in to my Ad Sense account.but I was in there about a week ago to grab my code and put it on another site, and it was business as usual. This morning though, here are some screen shots of what I saw…










As soon as I was done, I logged in to AdSense, created a new channel, and grabbed my code to place in the new website I had built just like always.

A few minutes later, I went to my Google homepage, and when I got there, I saw Adsense right at the top.

Thank you Google – Nice!

Now how about giving us an interface to arrange this menu anyway I want, maybe even choose not to display certain items? Ajax would be nice, but i’m not choosy and would settle for checkboxes! The fact that I have to scroll down a long list every time I want to get to Webmaster Tools is sort of silly…

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