Google is offering us experimental views for their search results and I urge you to participate. You and I can shape the future, by participating in the process that will define how we search in the future.

Why are they doing this?
While some of us may prefer Google classic, there are millions upon millions of webpages are being added every single week to the Internet.

If we as users are limited only to 10 results and some ads down the side, with 3 10 local results, we may ultimately abandon them and go to something better.

As they struggle to keep up with the billions trillions gazillions of pages that are still going to be coming online, Google wants us to stay loyal users, so they’re letting us choose their format, and then they want feedback from the public.

As internet marketers, you can shape the future of the serps by participating

They have these new experimental views:


I made a 3 minute video of google’s new “info view” and if you watch, you’ll see how radically the search rankings are shuffled depending on the users behavior and choices.

That’s because when you’re inside “Info View” there are a myriad of options, and every choice shuffles the organic search results. –


Can you imagine what confusion that’s going to cause for ranking reports? With all the different data centers available, and “Personal Search” and and “Universal Search” options, it’s rare that two people will see the same thing on any given search already. Now, with CHOICES too, it’ll never match!

I can hear the telephone conversation now…

Client: I’m calling about my ranking report… you said I’m number one for “X”, but I see that I’m only number 6.

SEO Firm: We do show you as as number one, but it depends how you’re looking at it.

Client: I’m “looking at it” like number one would be at the top, and I’m not.

SEO Firm: Are you signed into Google?

Client: Um… I don’t think so. What do you mean?

SEO Firm: Well what search view are you in? How are you looking at the results? Did you disable Personal Search? Are you in “List View” or in “Info View”?

Client: How the heck should I know? All I know is that I’m not on top. What are you guys going to do about it?

This scenario makes me clearer on these three things…

1. Times are changing, the serps are changing, and search marketers need to continue to deliver conversions, and teach clients not to focus on rankings. If we do our jobs well enough, ranking reports won’t even be desired anymore, much less questioned, because clients will be so happy.

2. I really like helping decide the future of search. (Oh, did I mention it’s “ad free”?)

3. Affiliate marketing has never looked better 😉

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