At SEMpdx, you’d expect us to recommend that you attend our annual SearchFest Marketing Conference on February 27th, but we also wanted to share why other smart marketers attend our show.

Here’s what Mike Corak, EVP of Strategy, Managing Director at ethology, has to say about SearchFest:

“I’ve attended and sent resources to a considerable number of search-related conferences in my time.  Quality and cost can vary significantly, making it difficult for managers to figure out where they might get the most return for their employee education dollars, and time out of the office. ethology continues to send multiple team members each year without hesitation, and that’s not changing anytime soon.  I can’t recommend SearchFest enough! “

Corak shared his top 5 list of why he believes there isn’t a better conference deal out there than SearchFest:

  1. Investment: Costs are significantly more economical than other conferences.
  2. Programming: Check out the speaker lineup – you’ll see many of the same speakers that you’ll find at larger, more expensive conferences. Further, the programming is well balanced, representing what matters most in search each year.
  3. Portland, wow: Portland is a great city with lots of unique and affordable hotel, entertainment, and dining options
  4. Attendees: The list of attendees gets more impressive each year, client and agency side
  5. And the best part, the SEMpdx is a non-profit organization, and the more you support them, the more they can give back to you.

Here’s what consultant Richard Guerrero, President of Odin Technologies, has to say about SearchFest:

“As someone who deals with Direct Marketing companies for a living, SearchFest allows me to keep up to date with the ever changing direction in Social and Search. It gives me the competitive edge I need to help our clients grow.”

Non-members get your conference pass now for $525 and you’ll receive a full year membership as well as an invite to mingle with the speakers the night before SearchFest. Register by Wednesday February 4th and save!

Discounts are available for groups of 5 or more attendees.  Please email to obtain a custom code.

Whether you’re an agency, consultant or in-house marketer you have lots of great reasons to kick off 2015 with digital marketing education to help you provide better service for your clients and deeper expertise for your team.


Register now to attend this premier conference with 30+ speakers and 18 sessions (including a keynote by Facebook!) to help you stay ahead of the competition.


Still not convinced, learn how Membership Chair Nathan Isaacs is leveraging member feedback to create and improve SEMpdx programs. 

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