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February is here and we have a new crush, Nick Footer. Nick is the President & Founder of Intuitive Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Portland, OR that specializes in SEO, PPC, Web Design, and Social Media. In order to get to know him better, we asked him all the important questions and are sharing them with you.

About Nick Footer

Area(s) of Expertise
“Analytics, PPC, SEO”

What do you like most about Digital Marketing and why?
“With the recent improvements in paid social ad platforms, I like the ability to creatively target people who fit into our targeted personas in ways never possible with search alone.”

What advice do you have for a college student who is interested in your area(s) of expertise?

“No matter what you do, find something that gets you excited. Life is too short to do boring, unfulfilling work. For hiring, we look for students who have created their own websites, are engaged in social media, and have taken the time to get their Google certifications.”


Why are you a member of SEMpdx?

“Love the regular events and Engage conference. It helps me stay connected with smart local digital marketing folks and friends.”

Who has been your favorite SEMpdx monthly event speaker and why?
David Mihm has been a presenter a few times and I’ve really enjoyed his local SEO talks. I always come out of them with a handful of new ideas to test for our partners.”

Have you been to Engage (formerly SearchFest) and how many have you attended?
“I’ve been to the last 5 SearchFest conferences and have my ticket for 2017. Can’t wait!”

If you could hear anyone speak at an event, who would it be and why?
Richard E. Boyatzis – Author of Resonant Leadership my favorite all time business books for anyone in a leadership role.”


If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now (marketer, developer, etc), what would you do?
“Probably run a coffee roasting company. Maybe something like: as they have a killer brand and yummy coffees. “

Favorite Beverage and why?
“Coffee as it gives me a burst of caffeine and keeps me moving throughout the day. “

To Bacon or Not to Bacon?

Anything else you want the SEMpdx community to know about you?
“We are always looking to speak with other agencies and people who might want to work with us in the future. I love learning about other people and companies to find creative ways to do digital better for our partners in the future.”

Thanks, Nick!

Make sure to congratulate Nick on his status of Member of the Month at our next event and Engage!

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