Dan Sundgren- Intelius

Tim Mayer-Heddle


Dane Wiseman- Ethology


                Intermediate-to-advanced best practices for managing PPC campaigns. Learn to research with competitive tools, gain insights into search trends and achieve your performance goals through expert-tested strategies. Understand the key elements of any optimization and overarching performance tips that will lead to better return on ad spend, and ultimately: return on investment. a of your experience level, it’s important to remain flexible in your strategy.

Speaker: Dan Sundgren       


  • People
    • Need balance of right and left brain to be an effective at PPC
    • Technology
      •  Great analytics platform (in house and third party)
    • Resources (liquor and guessing sometimes works)
    • BHAG’s + Strategy + Tactics
      • Get your BHAG out there
    • Volume & ROI
      • Once your metrics are solid and put in place, volume and ROI are everything
      • Ad position is a big part of this
    • Budgets
      • SEM is a money making machine if you do it right
      • IF you are doing PPC right, budgets are for chumps
      • Budget should be 3 to 4 times daily spend

Advanced Tips                                                                                                                                                   

  • Pull your own data out of Google/Bing, put them in an excel pivot table
  • Manage your largest volume terms manually; don’t automate
  • Use editor to pull mid tail terms, make mass bid changes
  • Find out where your sweet spot is in the time of day, and use day parting
  • If all match types are in same ad group
    • Exact Match, bid at least 40 cents
    • Phrase Match, bid 75% of exact match
    • Broad Match, bid 85% of exact match

Spearker: Tim Mayer

Advanced PPC Tactics: Maximize your PPC campaign by figuring out where to spend your time

  • Where to Start
    • Do little tweaks every day, and one large task per day
    • Keep a schedule of large tasks to do (test new ads, delete underperforming keywords, landing pages etc), and stick to that schedule to ensure they get done
  • Performers or Under performers?
    • Focus on under performing keywords in terms of quality score; try and move a keyword with a quality score of 3 up to 7, instead of a keyword with a quality score of 7 up to 10
    • Calculate impression share, and figure out where and how you are losing impressions
    • Fix your bids and focus on ROI
  • Improve Quality and CTR
    • Increase CTR by using ad extensions, which also pushes your competitors down the page
    • Laziness in PPC management leads to low CTR ; don’t start something and then not go all the way, such as creating new keywords, but then not creating new ad groups and ads
    • Put the keyword on the left side of the ad
    • Use consistent messaging with custom landing pages
    • Ad diversity can work; take risks and don’t always follow best practices
    • Use punctuation at end of description line one, and use explanation points.
    • Use brand name in display URL
    • Offers and Discounts in Headlines
  • Landing Pages
    • Spend as much time optimizing landing pages as you do in your ppc account
    • Landing Page A/B testing
      • Be aggressive with the first test
    • Heat maps and eye tracking- See what is getting the most attention on your landing page, move things around and experiment
    • Speed
      • Load time underrated factor in landing page optimization
      • Use free page test service, and see what is making loading time slow




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