Engage 2019 Keynote Speaker - Marty Weintraub - Portland, Oregon, March 7 & 8Marty Weintraub will be giving a keynote at Engage which will take place March 7–8 in Portland Oregon. For more information or to purchase tickets, please click here.

1) Please give us your background and let us know what you do for a living.
I am an entrepreneur, author, speaker & wilderness guide. In 2007 I founded Aimclear®, an integrated marketing agency dominant in psychographic targeting. Our fabulous team netted 11 US Search Awards, including 3X Best Integrated Agency, Best Use Of Social In A Search Campaign. Aimclear’s differentiator is the Tao of holistic brand creative-builds and integrated psychographic performance marketing. I’m very active in the company, serving as Creative Director. We’ve turned out some of the finest marketers in the world, over the years.

2) Is Facebook still as F’ing Awesome for Ads as it used to be (or has it become less F’ing Awesome)?
FB is still f’ing awesome, but not for the same sh*t as before. During my keynote, I’ll discuss changes in FB realities at length, along with proper integrated usage of FB and other social channels

3) Can you give the small business owner running their own FB account a few easily digestible tips they can utilize for great effect?
Unless there is really great targeting still in FB after the data apocalypse, use FB as a retargeting channel. Make sure to take advantage of Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) for testing, as opposed to making oodles of ads by hand. Don’t kid yourself. If the targeting’s gone, the targeting’s gone. Build engagement retargeting lists anytime you can and use them to test audience nurture on the pathway to purchase.

4) How currently viable are social ads beyond Facebook?
Social ads are completely viable, so long as you use them for what they’re good for. Each channel has its own strengths and weaknesses, which I’ll also cover in the keynote.

5) How has speaking at conferences allowed you to develop your brand?
Speaking at conferences has meant everything to develop my and Aimclear’s brand. Brand propagation happens on several levels for conferences speakers:

We get to meet such lovely attendees, network and get to know the other speakers.
Interviews like this are priceless for getting our message out.
Because we speak all over the world, we experience diversity in cultural and professional environments.
AND, it’s so f’ing fun.

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