How many folks react when first confronted with web analytics…

Running a business website without a thorough understanding of analytics is like driving a car without ever getting it serviced. In both cases, you don’t know what’s going on with your asset, and eventually, you’re going to have some serious, expensive problems. However, understanding how a program like Google Analytics works isn’t intuitively obvious to everyone…and sometimes, lack of understanding is why analytics isn’t implemented at all (or implemented and ignored). After all, how can you take action on improving your sites if all the information Google appears to be as easy to understand as:

Ich bin sehr verwirrt. Ich weiß nicht, wie es zu tun. Ich denke, ich werde etwas Wurst essen.

Fortunately, experienced search marketer Ian Lurie has created a very easy-to-read yet comprehensive eBook aimed at the Google Analytics neophyte. Written with Ian’s trademark dry humor, it takes a beginner through the basic analytics steps…from installing the code on the website through understanding some of the basic concepts and screens. There is tremendous value here for so many people because us experienced search marketers frequently forget that because we tend to hang out with other advanced folks (and yes, we all know each other…), we forget how small a population we actually are and there are a huge number of people with little or know knowledge of how a website can be optimized and that even some very minor improvements taken can yield amazingly positive business ROI. There is solid gold in this eBook for many folks.

Purchase “Tame Google Analytics” here (not an affiliate link but I’m sure Ian will buy me a few drinks the next time we meet up).

BTW, “bounce rate” has nothing to do with the game of Quarters…

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