Stoney deGeyter is CEO of, and leads a spectacular team of seasoned marketing experts at, Pole Position Marketing. In business since 1998, Stoney has built a successful search marketing business by fusing the brightest minds with a penchant for personal and business integrity. Stoney is the driving force behind Pole Position Marketing’s desire to make his client’s businesses more successful than his own. He strives to ensure that the Pole Position Marketing team works cohesively on each project that the end result meets and exceeds client expectations.

Keyword Research & Selection. Crucial for any online marketing, even if you aren’t focused on SEO. Process is important, wrong keywords can kill your marketing efforts. Causes: inaccurate date, not thinking things through properly. First phase: gather core terms – gather unique 2-3 word phrases. Brainstorming is important. Also, go through your website & examine the content closely. Examine site navigation & product / server logs. Use keyword tools like Wordtracker / Keyword Discovery. Once gathered (10-50 terms), decide on most important terms. Consider search volume, is that keyword targeting your audience properly? Profit is important too.

Consider product demand as well. From the top 9-12 terms, pull top search phrases out from them. Don’t analyze too closely yet – might get 100 – 1000 top phrases. Phase two – sorting & selecting keywords – get keywords that convert & apply directly to your site. Stay away from overly broad phrases & non-appropriate phrases. Make sue that your keywords have some search volume. Phase three – organizing keywords – optimize for all “visible” keywords – provides framework for long-tail efforts. Your pages should guide your keyword optimization. Create more pages if necessary. Keywords on the page must work together – don’t focus on contradictory keywords. Don’t rush keyword research.

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